Friday, November 19, 2010


Okay okay...I survived my tantrum/binge and lived to have a great day today.

Just thought I should update everyone as I'm a little embarrassed of my outburst last night.  Yes, I did overeat/binge.  Yes, I need to learn to stop a head of time.  Sometimes I can totally stop and get a grip- other times I seem to mentally "go somewhere else" whilst shoveling food.  Last night was one of those times.

On a sad note- I'm back  in the 140's.  My week in the 130's was short lived.  However, I will try to get back there again, as I like the 130's so much better than the 140's.  Today I'm taking a break because it's hard work and i'm tired from constantly watching my food.  My tantrum was exhausting.  What does that mean?  Not that I'm binging today- it means I'm not thinking about it.  I had a bag of cheeto's and a diet coke, and I'm not going to the gym.  I also don't feel bad about it.  I'll be back at the rampage tomorrow- don't fret (I knew you weren't fretting, btw).

Oh, and fyi- for those who wondered...I did NOT have sugar in my binge last night.  I didn't even think about having it- seems sugar has not been on the mind lately- which is good because I need to stay away from it anyway.  So yay for me!

Have a great weekend my little love bugs!!!




  1. Hahahahaha! :D I knew you didn't have sugar. :D

    Way to go, fierce girl.


  2. No sugar! Yay!!!!! Dizzy against the food demons....I know its hard but you had no sugar do you see how momentous that is! I am soo proud of you Dizzy!!!! And that is good not to feel bad about not going to the gym! Balance sunshine all in balance! xoxoxo

  3. Of course you didn't have sugar...that never even crossed my mind!

  4. I just read your post from yesterday, and all I could think of was... it sounded soooo familiar! I mean, all of us who struggle or have struggled really do know how that feels. You sure are not alone on that.

    I'm glad you are feeling better now. And like the rest said, that IS a victory, not including sugar in the feasting. That would have taken the physical symptoms to a whole 'nother level. So, good job there.