Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My 5...


So Miss S tagged me in that little game that is going on- and for some reason I loved it.  Usually I hate awards, but this little game got me all excited because I was thinking about how I would answer each question while reading her answers...and then I found out at the bottom that I was tagged! Hip hop hoorayyy!! Hooooeeee! Heyyyy...

Anyway, here are the questions:

1) What is your favorite thing about the holiday season?
          Umm....what is NOT my favorite thing about the holiday season- especially Christmas?  I think my favorite thing first and foremost would have to be the lights.  I looooove Christmas lights- all sparkly and lighting up the night.  I especially love them outside- in the cold- in the snow.  When you can bundle up and see your breath but be warm with people that you love- looking at them on houses and in trees  (I love it when they're all one color- like all white, or all red or blue...).  I love taking drives to see big houses that are professionally done.  I love when my dad hangs them on my parents house.  I love having a Christmas tree in the living room and it's the only thing that is lit up in the dark.  2ndly I would have to say the music.  I love Christmas songs.  I love love love singing Christmas songs or listening to them.  I love when my mom lights a fire in the fireplace and turns on some Christmas tunes...her house is so peaceful and smells liked baked goods and it's just so wonderful.  I also love that it's my birthday on Christmas Eve.  I don't know why- but in the midst of all of the celebration- those closest to me remember to tell me happy birthday and I love it.  My mother has always taken the time to make it a special occasion.  I will always love and cherish the things she did for me on my birthday- when everyone else was running around buying last minute Christmas presents- she would be baking a cake and bringing it to me on a special plate that says "It's your Birthday! Time to Celebrate!"  She has always gone above and beyond to make that day about me and I love her so much for it.  My birthday will never be the same without her- but because it's on Christmas Eve, I've always been able to share it with my family and that has been priceless.

2) What is your top 5 favorite artists of all time?
          What?  This might take a moment.  (Not in this order- that is too hard and I can't think quickly because there are too many) I have always loved John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, Neil Diamond.  Alicia Keyes.  Elton John.  The Beatles; Sade; Brian McKnight.  Josh Groban.  Kenny Chesney (I'm from Oklahoma- don't hate!) Faith Hill, Reba, GARTH!!!!! always and forever.  This could go on all night, I will stop there.

3) Who are the inspirations in your life?
           My mom- first and foremost.  She is the most kind woman- so friendly and humble.  And faithful; She is such a good example to me of what a good friend is.  She gives everything away to help others.  She is not materialistic and she has the best heart of anyone I know.  My sister next.  She is so patient.  She never raises her voice or loses her temper- I don't understand how she does it.  She is a little sassy but so classy and timeless and just...pure.  I love her.  She is tenderhearted and sweet and just the epitome of what a classy woman is these days to me.  Feminine.  Beautiful.  She isn't loud; she doesn't need to be.  But she's strong and loyal...My father; my grandfather and grandmother too.  They were so social and fun.  Loud, but the life of the party and good people. I love them and miss them.

4) What is the one thing you wish you would've known when you were younger?
  you really want me to get on this soapbox?  I wish I would've had more confidence in myself.  I wish I would've stood up for the things I believed in.  I wish I would've realized back then that I am a beautiful person- and I am unique- and I am loved and would be missed if I were gone.  Confidence- for sure.

5) Who are you tagging next?
          Drazil (of course)
          Deb- Deb will be Free (I had to- I know you love these things)
          Josie- xoxo

Yay!!! I hope you guys don't hate that I tagged you! I can't wait to read what you have to say- xoxoxoxo-



  1. I hate you. chuckle.

    I'll have to think on these questions tomorrow. It's midnight here & I've had a 3 year old for 11 hours beginning at 7 a.m., pre-op tests at the hospital and, well, I'm old...

    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.... lol


  2. woohoo! just when i thought i had nothing to write about, now i do!


  3. Dizzy, we seem to be opposites almost! I can barely tolerate my mother. She was abusive when I was a child and still tries to run my life when I'm around her for more than 5 minutes. As for Christmas, I love the lights too but I like the multicolored lights and not the plain white ones. I live in a touristy area and I hate the professional displays. I prefer to drive through the neighborhood and see homes where people have lovingly decorated for the Christmas, ever if they haven't done a profession job of it. One of our traditions is to go riding a few evenings before Christmas just to see how other people have decorated.:)