Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Me? A Grad Student? What is this world coming to?

Called a few schools today to find out about their programs....eeeek! Am I really doing this?  I know it's typical- but I called BYU to find out about their MPH program (Master's of Public Health).  I don't want to move back to Utah- but I would if I were accepted into that program.  For one thing- going to school at BYU is really cheap- so much cheaper than other schools.  Especially out here.  Another good thing about it (if I were to be accepted there) is that my uncle lives in a huge house all by himself in Provo (where the school is located).  I'm sure he would let me live with him for cheap...because I have absolutely no money saved and I will be the poorest grad student you've ever met.  If I were to be accepted into that program- I would have to quit my job to move back to UT...which means I would have no job once I got there.  Like I said...poooooooor. Of course I would try to find a new job- but I will probably be uber poor for the next couple of years if I do it.

I also called UCLA.  EXPENSIVE.  But here in SoCal- and in the top 15 programs in the country (#11).  I could keep my job and either commute or move to LA.  At least I'd be living here in SoCal where I love my life and I'd be going to a great school- with one of the best programs.  But super expensive; and probably hard.  And probably hard to get in to as well...

Then there is USC.  I didn't call them...but they are here in SoCal too and close.  Not cheap either.  But again- prestigious name and great program I'm sure.  Was there ever a bad USC grad program?  I doubt it.

No matter where I decide to go to school- I will be poor.  Super poor.  It's okay- I'm super excited anyway and willing to sacrifice for the long term goal.  Have I ever mentioned my happiness doesn't come from material things anyway?

In other news- I weighed in under 140 this morning. :)  More eeeeks!  I'm waiting to give numbers once it's been confirmed.  I need to weigh in under 140 a few times before I believe that it's real.  But I am so excited about it, at least I have done it once now.  Yay me!

And even more exciting...I just got a text from a colleague of mine that said, "Ok, am I out of line by saying I want to be intimate with u?"


I really know how to find them- don't I.  I went to lunch ONCE with this guy.  He keeps late night calling and texting.  I never answer or return any of his calls- even when he actually calls sober during the day.  He left a message once saying, "wow..you are the busiest girl alive".  Apparently me being super busy wasn't enough of a hint- so I let him know today that yes- that was out of line.  And no- we will not be intimate under any circumstances ever, but thank you for letting me know.  He wrote back to tell me he felt like he should just put it out there.  ?????  Um...okay.

That is all I have for today my lovelies!  How are you?? Give me scoop!!!

XO my loves!!!



  1. I vote for applying to UCLA & USC & BYU and see who can offer you the best scholarships. Sometimes expensive schools can give more incentives and actually come out cheaper. Either way you probably won't be able to work between all the classes and practicals you'll have to do.

    How exciting!

  2. Wahooo, you!

    For the probable under 140.

    For progress re: grad school.

    Re: school choice (Like MUST I have something to say about everything? Apparently so.)

    If you do not work, most schools offer Graduate Assistantships. GAs usually pay tuition plus a small stipend. Ask about it.

    Remember, when choosing a school--the money counts. Your degree will provide the same letters after your name no matter where you get it (as long as it is an accredited program). And each comes with a the student loan that trails you, too!

    My degrees (3) cost me a total of $40,000. I had GAs and went to small school, low-cost school.

    fNo employer cared where I got them. As long as the program was accredited, they were good. I had the option of going to 2 other much more prestigious schools. I had friends--co-workers--who went to those schools. Note--> co-workers. We had the same job; the same degree.

    Except that the amouont I was paying out of my salary was 1/3 what they had to pay out of theirs.

    The cost counts, fierce girl. The prestige of the university fades. School reputation really only counts until youi get some experience under your belt-then you and what you can do counts, not your school.

    Just sayin.

    You go girl! I can totally see you as a grad student. Oh. All grad students are poor. It's part of the job description.

    This is soooooo exciting!


  3. Wow, it sounds like you have a lot on your mind, but that things are going well! I can't wait to get the official weigh in! Good luck picking a school. I complete my BA next summer, and then am taking at least six months off, but then I will start the search for a grad school! Best of luck to you!

  4. Well I have heard that BYU also offers the MRS program. :)

  5. You just put a smile on my face. Way to take control of your happiness and what do you know? That happy skinny little 130's followed you home!!

    I am working out Tues/Weds/Thurs & Sat this week. Hope you can make it. ;)

  6. Hey hot stuff-working out to some old school P90 and grooveshark tunes. What are you doing?

  7. What is with these humans with penises? Seriously???????????????????????????????

    YAY on grad school. You rock. ILYGTD