Thursday, November 18, 2010


And now it begins...

I feel overwhelmed.  I just found out today that UCLA's deadline is Dec 1st for applications.  I need to get on my personal statement; it will be a miracle if I can even pump something half way decent out by then.  I'm thankful writing is my better subject.  I also have a lot of work to do, since it's the end of the month and Thanksgiving is next week.  I did not even come CLOSE to meeting this month's goals/budget for work; and  I'm stressed about that.  I have a huge presentation for work tomorrow in front of 180 students.  I need to prepare; it's the first time this teacher (department head) is giving me a chance to do my thing- I need to impress him.  Plus I need to enter all of my leads for the entire month into the system database.  Data entry- my favorite.  ARP is tonight.  I need to workout.  My friend the surfer just had surgery last week and asked me to visit him tonight before the ARP meeting.

When am I going to get everything done?

When I start freaking out like this- I don't do anything.  It's been awhile since there were this many important things on my plate all at once.  I mean, I have a LOT to get may not sound like it- but it is a lot.  So what do I do when I'm stressed?  Definitely not anything healthy.  I start checking facebook.  I start reading blogs.  I don't work- or take care of what needs to be done.  I watch movies. I start talking on the phone to my friends and family.  I write blog posts (ah-hem!).  I revise said blog posts.  I start cleaning out my purse. I get on gchat.  I get on FB chat.  Anything to distract me.  And I eat.

I've already had 15 out of 20 points today (WW). It's only 2:30 and that doesn't leave me with much for the rest of the day.  PLUS I haven't worked out yet. I can guaran-damn-tee you I'll go over the 5 points today.  Yes- I have flex points- but I try not to use them or I don't lose.  Plus I'm eating carbs like a maniac.  Where are my veggies?  I haven't had any veggies or fruits in days.  I tried today; but that orange didn't fill me up so before you know it- I had a different snack in hand/mouth.  I need to go grocery shopping.  I need to get PAID.

I weighed in at 137.6 on Monday.  138 yesterday.  138.6 this morning.  If I don't get a grip- I'll be back in the 140's in no time.  Plus the weekend is almost here.  At least I haven't had sugar yet.

I have so much to do.  Boys are writing me on the dating site.  People are texting me about school.  Maimee wants to talk about boy drama.  I want to hide under my bed; can I go hide under my bed now?




  1. No hiding. THIS is when you shine D. THIS is when you rise to the challenge and kick ass. Maybe the old you would hide under the bed. The no sugar healthy fighting fears D I know now doesn't hide...for anyone or anything. Reach for the stars - make a list - and cross off the list one by one. You have the strength to do it all...and tomorrow you rest. do it all...because your heart wants this. Love you!

  2. You know, I do the same thing. Too many things to do and I just shut down. I can't decide what to do first and what to let go--I'm afraid I'll choose the wrong thing, so I brilliantly choose NOTHING. sigh.

    So, I'll help you prioritize. I'm good like that. (lol)

    Diz, in my humble opinion, your job comes first. It just does right now. You're not even sure UCLA is where you want to go. And it's not the only school to choose from. Your job comes first. :)

    Love ya, fierce girl!


  3. Nope-climb out from under the bed and list priorities and get to work! You've got this.