Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In addition...


I know I just posted.  But something else just happened and I'm disgusted and I had to write it out - right now.

One of the teachers that I work with recently 'took an interest' in me.  Sent me a text and started up a convo- asked me to send him pictures of myself in my Halloween costume.  I didn't send him pictures but added him on FB.  We've been chatting nonstop for 2 days via text- he sent me a text last night that said, "Good night pretty woman, can I text you tomorrow?" and then this morning- 8:01 am- "Good morning! Como estas D!? How are you this morning?  Did you get plenty of sleep?"

I thought that last year he was married, but figured that maybe he got divorced over the summer or maybe he was never married in the first place, I couldn't really remember for sure how I knew that...however, when an opportunity arose to ask him if he was married- I took it.  We were chatting about facebook and I asked him who the girl was in the pictures with him.  He said, "some of them are neighbors, one is my sister, some are cousins..."  I pushed further.  'Are you married? I thought for some reason last year you were married...'  to which he didn't respond for awhile.  Then he responded back that he was, indeed, married.  I have not responded since.

I am so disgusted.

I've already deleted him from my facebook.  What a pig.  I am seriously so angry right now.  Who the hell does this guy think he is?  Even if it was "friendly chat", which I don't do, the things he was texting me were totally inappropriate because he is MARRIED.  I would NEVER have texted with him in the first place had I known.  Just for the record- he texted me first, I just responded back, not that it matters.  But still- I never text any guy first.  I did think it was a little weird at first, but figured there was no way he would cross that line.  Maybe I'm being old fashioned here- but I don't think it's appropriate for a married man to be texting a single girl, let alone calling her "pretty woman" and texting her first thing in the morning.  I mean, back me up here, if your husband was texting another woman like that- would YOU be comfortable with it???  The worst part of it - to me, is why do these guys think that I would be interested in that shit?  That I want to be some mistress or something?  Me?  You must not know me if you think I will play this game with you.  I try really hard NOT to do anything that would warrant this kind of behavior out of a married man- I respect marriage and I respect that this is someone else's man.  I don't want any of it.



I swear.

Sorry my posts this morning are filled with hate/frustration.  I swear I will be in a good mood for the rest of the day-




  1. If my husband did that, I'd be well past irate, I assure you. And his cell phone would meet an untimely demise, among other things.

  2. Seriously - I want to kick him in the balls. Ack. Jerkoff.

  3. You should snap a picture of him at school and post it on your fb page warning other people :)

  4. First. This has nothing to do with you. You did nothing to warrant this behavior. He is a pig. You got it right. His behavior completely crosses the line.

    Good for you that you are not fooled into that "We're just friends." crap.

    Needless to say, I would not accept that kind of behavior from my husband. I didn't behave like that when I worked and I wouldn't accept it from him. There would, seriously, be hell to pay. He wants to chat with single girls--he could do it all he wanted from his single apartment cause he wouldn't be living here!

    Chuckle. I guess you can tell that really steams me. I hate guys like that. Jerk.


  5. old fashioned? i think you were just being sane and acting with integrity! you've got every right to feel the way you do. the jerk misled you and lied by omission until you confronted him.

    looks like he found out really quickly that he was dealing with a girl who has standards. you are a credit to womankind!

  6. Ugh! What a DB! Positive side - you found out before it went beyond a text message and a FB friend request.

  7. I commend you for not being "that" kind of woman who doesn't care if a man is taken. No homewrecking here! Way to go!

  8. Okay-I am just now online catching up on all your posts since I last commented. First off-you are gaining power over your sugar & eating, you are doing this. Second-clearly being sick your body said peanut butter would heal you. Don't ignore it! =) Third-damn-where was your neighbor when you wore that costume out??? Huh??? Fourth-your body is just teasing you. You'll probably wake up and be way down in the 130's next week. If not-clearly the scale is broken. Last-that dude is a PIG!! I wish facebook would allow us to anonymously let those loser's wives know. Obviously he mistook you for a woman with low self-esteem.

  9. What. A. Jerkoff.

    Seriously. How dare he?

    No, I wouldn't be comfortable with my husband behaving that way. In fact, if I ever found out about it, he and his shit would go flying out the second floor bedroom window. I am not a jealous woman. But I do believe that if you choose to be with someone, you are with that person. Period. No hanky-panky on the side. Evah.