Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food Hell.

I'm still up 2.4 pounds from my binge last Thursday and I am annoyed.  Royally annoyed.

Part of the reason I'm not able to drop it off as quickly as I'd like is because everyday there seems to be some celebration at work or wherever and I feel like I am stuck in Thanksgiving hell.  I hope I don't get struck by lightening for saying that, but it's true!  Yesterday, for example, I got up and ate a healthy breakfast (1/2 cup rolled oats), went for a run on the beach (4 miles) and then had an apple for my midmorning snack (around 11- to hold me over til 1ish when I take my normal lunch).  Well, I as at a high school, working on a project with a counselor, and the counselor asked (around 12:30) if I would please stay for lunch; they had a lunch catered in and plenty of food because it was their last day of school before the holiday.  So, of course I said yes because in my mind it was free food- and I always take free food over spending money on lunch...which is stupid I know, but I can't help it.  You would've done the same!

Anyway, it was basically Thanksgiving dinner.  Ham, Turkey, Mashed potatoes, Stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, and all kinds of desserts.  Now...after the last binge I've decided to up my vegetarian game- so I have made the vow (again) to not eat any meat for awhile.  I'm trying to decide if I will make an exception on Turkey day- not because I love turkey and can't go without it, but because I'm eating at a friends parents house for dinner and I don't want to be the weird/rude girl who doesn't eat turkey OR dessert.  So I'm choosing my battle- sugar is definitely out- no ifs, ands, or buts about that.  So do I eat the turkey then?  How do I get around that so no one thinks it's weird?  She is having a large group..there will be people everywhere; I can't make a scene.  Dessert is easy to avoid- I'm too full!!  It's the turkey...

Anyway- I digress.  My point is- I ended up having a huge lunch yesterday that kept me full until about 6.  I didn't have any meat yesterday- but I did have mash potatoes, stuffing, rolls with butter and cranberry sauce, a little tomato/cucumber salad, and tons of gravy.  Basically it was a carb addicts dream, and I did my best to eat slow, and not eat a lot of it.  However, when I came home and added up the points (WW)- I was still 10 over target. Fuh.

Today I am having lunch with my co-workers at Cheesecake Factory.  Do I even need to explain?  Like I said- everyday is Thanksgiving hell this week.  Why has this become the standard?  I remember a few years ago when I would basically starve and work out all week so that T Day didn't affect me as bad.  Now it seems everywhere I go- there is food, food, and more food.  And everyone wants to celebrate like it's T Day. I just want this week to be over with.

The good news is- I'm working out everyday right now.  It's keeping the numbers down.  While I still have 2.4 to lose to get back to where I was pre-binge- at least the numbers aren't climbing.  I'm just bummed because usually post binge I can lose the excess water weight within a few days...and now it's been a week.  I'm also very close to goal tho so it's harder to lose weight and keep it off.

Okay love birds...I am signing off for now.  Happy Thanksgiving!  May you have a blessed day tomorrow!!!



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  1. I've been a vegetarian since I was 19 so I share your pain. I think you are on target about the carbs being an issue. What I would suggest is that you try to eat at least 50 grams of protein a day. At a meal, eat your protein first so you are less likely to fill up on carbs. Some easy protein-filled options are cottage cheese (14 grams per 1/2 cup), greek yogurt (14 grams per serving), string cheese (8 grams), regular cheese (14 grams per ounce), beans (15 grams per 1/2 cup). The traditional Thanksgiving meal doesn't have very many non-meat protein options. If deviled eggs are served, that's about 8 grams for two halves. We sometimes have brocoli & cheese which would be about 15 grams for 1/2 cup. A cup of milk has 8 grams. My point is that if you are trying to lose weight (or maintain), you need to have a meat-replacement item (tofurkey anyone?) in your Thanksgiving meal or eat the turkey.

    Sorry about all the festivities and food. It really makes it tough to stick to a food plan. Keep us posted! I know you'll make it through.