Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some good...and some better

Well, I met with the boss last night to clear the air.  He was very nice about things and we're "friends" again.  I feel better and I'm glad things are resolved.

I'm still looking for a second job; nothing new there.

My weight mysteriously dropped 3 pounds yesterday and i weighed in again today at the same low weight.  It's not a new low or a low I've never hit before or anything, but it's just curious to me that I'd drop 3 pounds over night and then keep it off for another 24 hours.  I'm not sure what I did to drop the 3 pounds, but I'm kind of excited about it and it's motivated me to go to yoga and go running today and tomorrow.  Funny how when you hit certain lows, you get motivated to keep going; and on the flip (for me anyway), when I hit certain highs- I give up all together cause I feel obese.

Other than that- nothing is new.  Still just holding on...



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  1. That is so weird on the three pounds - maybe it was just stress from the thing with the boss...I'm so glad you got that figured out. I know it weighed heavy on your mind.