Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The skinny

Hi loves!

I don't have much to report but I just can't seem to let that last post be the most current post on my page right now.  I want to thank the 2 of you who said something- it really helps to know that I'm not the only one who has to deal with familial issues, especially at this age.

In other news...I met another new guy...well- Sunday I went out with my friends and 3 guys got my number...but so far only one of them has actually texted and called me.  He is rather cute if I don't mind saying so myself.  Out of the 3 I met, he would be the one I would actually want to talk to- so that is good.  I would tell you more but I've realized over the last few posts that I'm always meeting new men and telling you guys, and none of them really work out so what's the point.  Plus I've gotten super paranoid about my blog lately.  I've come across some info about some other people that they don't know I've come across...(internet you are...informative) and if I found out that someone I knew was secretly reading my blog I would die.  So I'm keeping hush about this boy until a later time.  But know he is cute and he is genuine and sweet and I'm appreciative of him so far.

Ever since I had that interview at the Plastic Surgeon's office (they still never called, btw), I've become super annoyed with my weight.  I'm 15 lbs over my "ideal" weight for my height; usually I don't mind THAT much, but lately I do.  Especially now that I've met this new boy (I will say this much- he is an athlete...not just work out guy- he actually plays a sport for work) I'm super paranoid about my weight and ready to drop some lbs.  I know he met me at this weight and so he must be okay with it because he still came up and talked to me- but for some reason I feel fat and want to be much skinnier the next time I see him (which will probably be tonight or tomorrow anyway).  I know it's impossible to get skinnier before I see him again, but my point is a new fire has been lit under my ass.  I WILL GET SKINNY.

New rampage anyone??




  1. I read the post, but didn't have the mentality to post."read: needed coffee" I think moms just can't ever let go. Most mom's anyway. At least she cares-trust me on this! And your sis was not cool on this one, I hope you two can chalk it all up to lesson learned and can trust again,

    Also if you figure out how to lose 15 pounds by tonight you better be sharing your secrets woman! And obviously your rocking personality in addition to your sessy looks drew Mr. Playsports to you. Love you!

  2. Nothing to keep a girl in line like a worthy prospect!

    I hope you're feeling better after your last post. Even if you post something that doesn't have an overwhelming "happy" tone, I know something GOOD is just around the corner. Keep it that way, dear. ;)


  3. Whoot on the athlete. Marathon sex? Okay thats just my fantasy life. Rampage on! But be kind to yourself Diz!