Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm a kisser

So last night I went out with my roommate and a new guy she is seeing; we went to sushi and then I wanted to go dancing for a bit- so they accompanied me to a little local spot...and I met the cutest little 25 year old and just had to make out with him to make myself feel better.  The 25 year old's name is the male version of my name and for some reason, I got a huge kick out of that and started kissing him.  Who does that?  Me.

I love to make out.  I love kissing so so so much; I try to do it as much as I possibly can.  I've been known, on several different occasions, to kiss more than one boy in a night- there is something about kissing that I can just never get enough of.  Maybe I shouldn't do that (kiss multiple boys in the same night), but I find it harmless because I don't go home with anyone afterwards.  I'm single and so the opportunities are not always available to me (to kiss extensively- which is why I think I love it so much).  When I do finally get an opportunity- I have to take full advantage- and last night I did!!  He was such a good kisser too; kissed just the way I love.  Soft and tender; holding my face in his hands while he smooched me.  He was so HOT too! Sigh.  I know this sounds completely vain but he was really really good looking and that boosted my ego too because young hotties like that don't usually attract to me; they usually can be found with the skinny little youngins.

I admit I've kissed one other boy since things went south with the therapist (last weekend I kissed someone new) and it was hard; I love the way the therapist kissed me the most.  When I kissed the guy last weekend- I realized I didn't really want to kiss anyone new.  Sad!  Oh well, time to move on.  I have realized this week (and I think this is good at least) that I want more.  And I will not settle until I get what I want.  There are a lot of things I want and even though I've hit some hiccups in the road, I can still be happy and hopeful because I can still get what I want in the end. :)

I have seven days of massage ahead with no days off and I'm not excited.  Time to head to bed so I can be rested for tomorrow!




  1. I love kissing too. I can spend hours kissing my hubby but he won't settle for just kissing for very long. Men.