Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I really don't have much time to write as it's already 11 and I need to go to bed so I can get up in the am for the gym again.

I just wanted to give a quick update; today was a hard, long day of work.  Not every day is going to be peachy keen, is it.  :(  Nothing out of the ordinary happened or anything, it's just hard sometimes.  I don't want to complain too  much.

I need to get a grip eating wise.  I worked out this morning at the gym (lifting weights) and then I went to yoga this afternoon- and it kicked my trash btw- but I've been eating nonstop all day.  It's just so hard to eat small portions when you're hungry!  I'm talking about self control; not starvation.  I'm eating, trust me I'm eating.  I need to just try to keep it under wraps is all I'm saying.


Okay- so sorry to cut this one short- really I am, but I HAVE to get to bed.  I have a trade show this weekend and will be working through Saturday.  I hate to be a complainer, but I am not used to working this much!  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love it.  But it's hard when you're used to blowing off everyday like I have been doing for the last year and a half.

Anyway- seriously, I'm out.

LOVE YOU ALL!  comments and attention to your blogs to come- swear.



  1. I hope today proves to be a better day! And you have to have the hard days to appreciate the normal day to day! Hang in there!

    Love ya babe!

  2. You are working your muscles so hard they are screaming for protein!! If you would follow a low-carb diet I think the hunger would lessen. I stay at around 50 carbs per day and have the energy to exercise and am not ready to eat everything that can't run faster than me.

  3. I know what you mean. Between work and house hunting I am just beyond tired. I never go to bed before midnight and have to be up every morning at 7am. It sucks. I feel run ragged. I can't control my eating either. I am eating like there is no tomorrow every day and I see the weight just creeping on a little more each day. It's very depressing.

  4. Don't forget this new schedule is just that, new and your body needs to adjust. Hang in there girlfriend it will all even out soon!

  5. Great job getting your exercise in, and honestly we all have days where we feel like bottom less pits food wise. I do agree with Downsizers that lower carb with increased protein is a great way to lessen hunger and cravings.

  6. You always motivate me to exercise, Diz, because nothing gets you down, and you just don't give up. In other words, you are a MONSTER! And you know I mean that in the best way.