Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kill me.

I am in a bad mood tonight.  BAD.  It's been going on pretty much all day and I can't shake it.

How do you get yourself out of a bad mood once you're in one?  I've been avoiding all my friends so as not to rub off on them.  I am trying so hard not to be negative and to stay happy and positive and I'm kind of disappointed in myself for being so bummed...especially because I have no reason to be.  I'm just bored.  It's horrible.

I went to lunch today with B- my new coworker- and her boyfriend and I got a turkey burger for lunch around 1:30 and I am still stuffed- it's 9:15 pm currently.  This isn't normal.  I can't figure out why the hell it made me feel so full...I was STARVING before hand because all I'd had for breakfast was a protein shake around 8:30 am.  A turkey burger and some sweet potato fries and I am still on the verge of puking because I feel so full.  It can't be fullness I'm feeling...but whatever it is, it's definitely not helping my mood.

Also- don't waste your money on Water for Elephants.  I went to see it this afternoon (by myself) in hopes that it would put me in a better mood and it sucked and was a waste of my $$$...which of course only served to throw me deeper in the depths of my anger because I'm living on a tight budget right now and shouldn't have spent the money to see it.  Oh well.

I hope tomorrow is a better day...I have a lot planned.  Happy Easter to all of my bloggy friends- I love you guys!  Easter is a great time of year...isn't it??




  1. Be a grouch and enjoy it. On those days when we want to kick a puppy we just have to wait it out - tomorrow's another day. Take a bubble bath, light some candles, relax, pray about it. Maybe you're constipated :-)

  2. I agree with downsizers. I know it sounds awful to say "enjoy your bad mood" but try to. Just accept it for now, don't dwell on it, and avoid others for the night. Tomorrow is another day, and a great day at that. I hope things look up for you!

    Happy Easter!

  3. OH no - that movie is bad? I can't believe you're bored when the other day you didn't have time to breathe! LOL You can be in a bad mood D - give yourself that right - we can't be happy every day....I love you.

  4. (((((Dizzy)))) I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. You know I have plenty of those days myself. I recommend some soft music, some candles and a lovely hot bubble bath. Have some you time and think about all the reasons you are special and unique.

    You are right that we can't be happy all the time but I do believe we can take a bad day and end it on a good note if we pamper ourselves a bit. I'm wishing you well, dear. :)

  5. Diz all I am gonna say is that I love you! More love than I have for Reese's Pieces. You can have a bad day. And sometimes the universe needs you to have a bad day so your average day is actually a good day and a good day is a great day.