Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Humble Pie

Well, today was the first day of prospecting for the new job.  B and I (B is the other rep that was hired at the same time as me) decided to run around Huntington Beach together to see what new spa's we could find, and who we could get to let us come in and demo our products and services.  Let's just say that from beginning to end...this day has been extremely humbling.

First off- I am SUPPOSED to be the one with more experience in this arena; B is from the hotel business.  She has no prior beauty experience.  So she was full of nerves this morning when we met up; I was the "calm" one.  So I, thinking I've done a million visits in the past for my old jobs and this was no big thing, offered to do the first visit while she watched.  I arrogantly thought I was a natural at this.  Until we're standing at the receptionists desk in the first spa.  I started stammering.  I stopped breathing.  I started staring at the wall and literally froze until B finally had to step in and take over.  She very gently put her hand on my arm and started talking and I just wilted like a dead flower while she chatted away with the receptionist.  She was such a natural!  Wasn't it me that had been coaching her in the car, just mere minutes before?  Now I wanted to hang my head in shame.  Of course, after that I was freaked out.  For the next 4 visits, I quietly followed her around while she did all the work and talked to all of the receptionists.  Finally, at the last visit- I was determined to tell them how it is.  I floundered a little, but in the end I was able to get some words out.

Then tonight, I invited a few girlfriends over to get free facials for B and I to practice before my big day tomorrow.  A friend of mine works in a plastic surgeon's office in Ladera Ranch and offered to let me come in to do a demo on her staff.  When my boss asked what time I needed him to be there, I boldly told him I didn't need him (this was a few days ago).  So he gave B one of the company's hydraderm machines and told her that we needed to practice tonight.  He hasn't really talked to me much since I so quickly dismissed him the other day.  Anyway, I set up this little party with all of my friends thinking it was going to be so grand.  Everyone would come over and we'd have such fun; I went and bought a bunch of non-alcoholic drinks and imagined my girlfriends all sitting around the living room gabbing and drinking it up while B and I were doing facials in the kitchen, practicing and preaching skin health.  Needless to say- things didn't quite go down the way I'd planned.

First of all, it took us forever to get the thing set up.  Then the hand piece quit working.  Finally we broke down and called the boss.  He walked us through a few trouble shooting steps before finally telling us to bring the hand piece in to him in the morning.  I called him at 9:30 at night, to which I'm sure he was so excited to get my call after I've been basically ignoring him for 2 days.  After all my friends left, B quietly told me that she felt that maybe it was a better idea to have the boss with us tomorrow on the plastic surgeon's demo just in case.  My friends asked a lot of questions tonight, and many we couldn't quite answer.  We're just such newbies still!  I ended up calling the boss and telling him I needed him to come with us tomorrow.  He chuckled but never rubbed it in my face.  Of course he would come and help me, he said.  There was no way he was going to let me fall on my face.  I was seriously so grateful that he was so kind and helpful after I'd been such a pill this week.  So far he is one of the best bosses I've ever had; I'm completely comfortable around him and completely myself.  It is such a VAST difference from my old boss that I can barely describe it.

So it's been a long and humbling day.  While things didn't exactly go the way I'd planned...I am glad that I had B with me and that all of the little mishaps happened tonight in front of my friends instead of at the dr's office tomorrow.  And I am super grateful that I have a boss that somehow finds my craziness endearing instead of irritating.

Wish me luck on my first demo tomorrow!




  1. Unfortunately this is part of any new job! It's wonderful that you had someone (whom you probably calmed down more than you realized) that was able to be a partner in this first day with you. Best of luck today!

    Oh, and try to unfollow me and then refollow me. I know several people had to do that after I changed my webaddress several months back! hope that works! (((hugs)))

  2. Awww, Diz...What an ordeal. But that's how we learn sometimes. so cool you got all of those mistakes out of the way when it didn't really count. :D It'll go smoother from here on in.

    And as far as the boss. Oh, girl, have you given him an ego boost or what?! You know how guys love that! hahaha. Good planning on your part. lol.


  3. I think you're fantastic! Some people walk around their entire lives without ever acknowledging that they need some help from time to time (which of course we all do). That you were able to get through the day and accept this realization proves that you are smart enough not to allow your limitations to get in your way. I predict great success for you!

  4. Great job and as Deb said above, at least it was on your friends that you had your trial run. With the boss there with you, you'll have no problems at all. It really is great that you have such confidence, don't let today get to you! Enjoy your demo tomorrow.

  5. I agree with everyone else! I hope that today went much better than yesterday did!! And thanks for Following me too!!

  6. What a day! I wish you the best of luck tomorrow. Isn't it strange how things never seem to turn out the way we expect? It is better to go into things with no expectations but so hard not to imagine how it will go beforehand.

  7. Oh Honey! I am humbled for you. Let's just say at least you have a can do attitude-your boss I am sure appreciates it. Just remember it is all new and they picked you. Love you to pieces my friend.