Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drastic Measures.

2 more days of work and I can barely stand it.  GET HERE ALREADY!  These last few days are dragging on and it is killing me softly.

I have a few things to report.

1) I've been steadily working on my emergency prep and am proud to announce I now have enough water to last me for a week; I have food to last at least a week, if not longer, and I have a little 72 hour emergency bag in my trunk.  I am so proud of myself.  I also saved a little less than $500 so far for emergency.  Mind you- this doesn't even pay my rent.  But if an earthquake hits and I have to high tail it out of CA, I will at least have enough money to buy some gas.

2) Someone stole my debit card # and has been charging up a storm at Walgreen's and Bed Bath and Beyond in Nor Cal.  Really?  I'm pissed- but luckily I caught it early enough that we were able to put a stop to it before they did too much damage.  They attempted to purchase several hundred dollars of things at Walgreen's and were denied twice. Hahahaha.  Serves you right for stealing from a broke woman!!!!  Idiots.

3) I am back on the yoga bend and have been going everyday since I got home from OK.  My body feels so good when the hour is over (it sucks during that hour).  I am going to see my chiropractor tomorrow; she is a little crazy but, more importantly, she is dead on as far as muscle testing and being able to read problems within your body due to diet, exercise, experience, etc.  I want to know if I have some mental blocks as far as these last 20 lbs are concerned.  If so, I need help releasing them.  I also want to know if I have any mild (or major) food allergies, if I need extra protein, if my body responds better to certain foods vs other crap, etc.  Am I okay drinking soda, etc etc etc.  Knowing little things like this about your body can help you when you're on the path to losing weight.  At this point- I feel like I need to know as much as I can find out about my body.

So how does she do all of this?  She finds out by "muscle testing".  This is a basic rundown of how it works:  When your body is weak in an area, than your muscles are weak in that area as well so when someone tests the muscle, they find out where the weaknesses are and then can tell you what your issues are based off of those weaknesses.  The first time I had it done- I thought it was insane.  I thought it was pure bull.  Until she started talking about certain things that had happened in my life.  Specific incidents that there is no way she could have ever known.  She was learning all of this based off of my muscles.  From there she helped me release the blockages and weaknesses that had occurred due to these events.  Since I'm a massage therapist, I'm usually willing to try new modalities of holistic practices just to see if I believe in them.  Plus I've taken energy courses while in massage school and believe strongly in good energy and the healing it can do in your body.  A good energy worker can seriously work miracles without even realizing it.  But you have to find someone you trust and that has good energy (and in my opinion- has been doing it a long time and KNOWS what they are doing).  I know- it may all sound weird.  But I'm super excited to find out a little more about my body tomorrow...I'll keep you guys posted of course.

Um...that's about it for now.  Off to catch up on some blogs- xoxo!!



  1. My chiro does this as well! By doing the muscle testing and adjusting my vitamins and foods I completely got rid of my headaches, which I had had EVERY single day for YEARS!!!!

  2. There is an herbalist here in Richmond, Indian, who does this. You can google it and learn a lot too. He has his daughter come and she places a hand on your shoulder while he does his thing and presses on her arm and determines muscle strength. My son was having trouble sleeping and I told him to go to have this done. The herbalist found that his body was too toxic and gave him herbs for that and he was able to sleep. When you describe it to people they think it's voodoo or something but I have seen them hold a bottle of herbs up to a person and they can tell if the body "pulls" toward it and needs that herb. I took a friend in and watched him - he had never seen her before that day - and he told her her uterus was tilted (which she told him it was) and that she also had TMJ - which she also told him she had. It's something to watch I tell you. Sometimes it's that muscle inside our skull that gives us problems :-)

  3. Gosh, that really sucks about the debit card number. Identity theft is just so scary. : ( Good luck getting all that straightened out. hopefully you won't be responsible for the purchases.

  4. Oh wow, that sounds so interesting. I need a massage. That is something I have never gone and had done professionally. I talk about it all the time and tell my hubby we need to go and get massages.

    Can't wait to hear about your tests.

  5. Hmmm. I have some concerns abut the chiropractor's practices. Does your church have an opinion on this kind of practice? I think it is dangerous ground. The spirit world is very real--not all information that seems so right on is from a right source. Look closely, Diz.


  6. I love the idea behind this. I want to try Reiki (sp?). Have you ever heard of that? Lame on the debit card - I hope they get caught!