Sunday, October 17, 2010



You know how sometimes you drop a major bomb on someone and then afterwards you're like...what do I say's getting really awkward?  Yeah, that's how I have been feeling about the blog since my last post.  You have to remember that I had just come home from my meeting- I was feeling all intense and doing this inner reflection and that's where I was in that moment.  Luckily now I'm back to my "normal" self.  But still- how do you just "resume conversation" after a bomb like that? Ha.

Anyway- the good news is I haven't had any sugar for 3.5 days now.  Well, I had half of a muffin for breakfast yesterday, and to be honest, I was kinda pissed about it in the moment because I have been doing really well and didn't want the muffin.  But I was working and the only options were muffins, cinnamon rolls, or those danish filled things, and donuts of course.  And since it was breakfast and since I was starving and I was working and couldn't just go get whatever I wanted...I had half a muffin and called it good.  It's all good now- I'm really proud of myself actually.

Last night was the best I've done so far.  I went up to Beverly Hills to one of my best friends (KJ's) house to carve pumpkins with some of our other friends and watch scary movies.  First of all- have you seen the movie- The 4th kind? Um...SCARY!  I hate watching scary movies- especially when it's all foggy and eery outside and you're in the wilderness somewhere and away from normal life.  I know you're thinking- it's Beverly Hills, but my friend lives so far up in the Hills that it is really like going to a cabin in the wilderness; it's so far removed from the city.  And it was foggy and rainy and dark and cold...luckily we had about 10 guys there to keep us safe. :)  But that brings me to another thing I hate: I hate watching scary movies with boys.  They love watching you get scared...and they love it even more when they find a moment during the movie to grab you and scare you to death.  You know- when you literally almost poop your pants cause you jumped so far out of your skin?  You are like- a SECOND away from actually losing control of your bodily functions and they are laughing hysterically.  Yeah- REAL FUNNY- guys.  I'm glad we're all still 12 years old.  Luckily- my bestie Coke was even more scared than I was so the guys decided to prey on her and leave me alone (one of them started on me and then saw her literally crying with fright).  He waited until she came out of the bathroom then jumped behind her with a "BOO!" and she fell to the ground.  She actually collapsed and everyone busted up laughing, I felt so bad.

Anyway, KJ had so many yummy treats there.  She went to Corner Bakery and got her favorites: Whoopie Pies, brownies, donuts, sugar cookies, you name it, it was there.  Here is the kicker: Are you ready for this?  I did NOT have a single bite.  Not a taste, not a lick- NOTHING.  I mean, I had chips. They're salty.  I felt like I could have chips, you know?  Anything to help me get through; I've been craving sugar like a crack fiend.  It was interesting because I wasn't super tempted at first, but about half way through the pumpkin carving I started to really get the itch. I went in the kitchen and looked everything over (had to see what was there again- in case I forgot the first 8 times I looked)...but was able to walked away without even a taste.  So proud.

The good news is I'm over the 3 day hump (they say if you can make it over the 3 day hump- you've got this)...but the bad news is the roomie is making pumpkin bars tonight.  THIS is now the new test.  How come there is always another test?  There is always another test, and in my life, always another test right around the corner before I'm even ready for it.  I don't know- but I swear, if I can make it through this (the bars being baked at MY house? KILL ME NOW), I can make it through anything.  I am mentally trying to prepare now.  Funny how mental/visual preparation doesn't seem to do a DAMN thing for me.

Either way- work outs resume tomorrow.  Ragnar is off, but that's not an excuse to quit working out.  Plus I'm starting to feel stronger now that I'm seriously trying to resist.

With every resistance to temptation- it DOES get easier.

Hope you guys are making it!!  Here's a pic of our pumpkins last night- so cute, right?  Mine is the one on the far right- giving the baby pumpkin the evil eye.




  1. You can so do this...I know you can....I got your emails and will respond this week.....little chaotic here today! :)

  2. I'm glad you've got this. Never worry about dropping a bomb, around here we Lourve us some big juicy bombs.

  3. No awkwardness here's your blog...your sanctuary. We're just visitors lucky enough to be able to share in each other's journeys. Drop a bomb...let everyone offer their support...move on to the next post. No apologies.

  4. i love reading your posts, i love your writing, actually i take that back, i don't read your posts i can hear them like you are reading them...weird? :-)

  5. Pfft... bomb, schmomb. Or words to that effect. I've done similar things myself, and my method is pretty much like what you did. "Uhm, about that? Okay then. On track. Will keep you posted. Moving right along..."

    You can do this. :)

  6. Not even the creme on the out side of a whoopie pie???Diz you got some ironclad will! I am soo happy for you. I am catching up on my bloggin so I got to see what bomb you dropped. It doesn't matter your awesome :)

  7. You rock! I would have caved in once all those delicious goodies were in sight. I'm a sugar addict too- my death wish comes in the form of pixie sticks :)