Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And now for my 2nd post (finally!)...

This day has literally been insane.

My boss asked me to train the new girl.  Now, I'm not going to start bitching about work because I actually love my job- I have one of the best jobs in the world, but it took me ALLLLLL DAY.  Literally.  Just got home an hour ago and a friend stopped by.  It's 12 am, I'm exhausted, and I have to train tomorrow again too.  But I couldn't not post on my 2nd day of the new bloggy blog!  I'm just too excited to skip out!

First of all- before I get into the thick of things- I have to say thank you so much to all of you that commented yesterday.  You warm my heart.  Seriously- Draz will tell you- I'm a serious lover of comments and 18 comments on the first day sent me over the edge.  I am in love- with you.  Which is good for you because we're in the honeymoon phase and I promise to be extra giving and try extra hard to make you happy and do everything right so you love me back. :)

A few of you commented yesterday about wanting to know about products and I am SOOOO excited to talk shop.  I have been thinking off and on today about what I could start with- and I picked three things.  They're definitely only the surface of what really goes on- but this is where we need to start...right?

1) Teeth whitening.  Check.  Crest 3D White Strips with Advanced SEAL No Slip Technology- my favorite.  I literally only have to do 1 little pack every few months and my teeth stay perfectly white (you whiten to the level you want- then do a maintenance pack every once in awhile "as needed"'s awesome).  Those of you who know me, know I have white teeth.  

2) Oh- you wanted eye cream?  One that helps minimize wrinkles and crow's feet, lightens the under-eye area AND gets rid of puffiness???? Check again.  Skin Medica TNS Eye Repair.  Yes- it's $89.10 for a little bitty dribble of it.  Yes it's worth it.  It will change your life.  One of my biggest issues is puffiness under my eyes- it's HORRIFIC without this stuff.  This stuff takes it all away and keeps people thinking I'm 25-27 years old.  Seriously- it works.  Don't doubt- try it out.  You'll thank me later.  If the TNS Eye Repair is a little out of your price range- my roommate swears by Burt's Bee's Naturally Ageless Line Smoothing Eye Cream.  It's $25 a bottle and her favorite thing about it is that it stays on thick enough to last through the entire night.

3) Eyelash Enhancer. Duhhhhh! The best?  Latisse.  But if you can't afford Latisse ($130 minimum for a bottle, and you need a prescription)...try Beauty Society's Enormous's 4 times stronger than the original version and you don't need a prescription- and super gentle so even contact lens wearer's won't get irritated.  What does it do?  Stimulates your eyelash follicles so your lashes grow thick and long...hey get help where you can is what I say.  Between getting rid of puffiness and adding length on my lashes- I take years off my eyes (this isn't even including all the collagen pumping, youth boosting, anti-oxidant crap I put on everywhere else).  A little Enhancer and a little mascara and you will be one hot mama- swear.

These are just some of the things I'm obsessed with.  As I mentioned though- I'm a junkie.  I'm crazy, I admit it.  But I'll be damned if anyone thinks I'm over 27 (which I totally am).  While I do try to watch what I buy and spend...I tend to "treat" myself a lot too...maybe a little more than I should.

In short: if I had to start somewhere- this is probably where I'd start.  Now- #3 is totally interchangeable with ex-foliating the skin and keeping it hydrated and lustrous.  Beautiful, youthful skin may be as important or more important than youthful, expressive eyes.  But I will save that dissertation for another day, as it's now getting late and I have another long day tomorrow.  For my recap: I had a great day- didn't work out, and drank too much coke zero.  But I hope your day was fabulous too...

Let's talk beauty! What you got????



  1. I am more of an eyeshadow junkie... I'm embarrassed to even tell you how much I have!

  2. Love this...MORE MORE MORE!!!

  3. ILYGM. Love the new tone of this looks good on you! LOL

  4. I would love your advice on adult acne (how embarrassing)! I got off the pill in January & started getting a lot of painful acne right below my jaw line & the back of my head along my hairline. At first I just thought it was due to the increased working out & sweating, but it hasn't cleared up no matter what my workout schedule. A Dr. put me on an antibiotic for 2 mo's, and I started using pro-active again a couple of weeks ago, but it's so painful, & ugly even if I'm the only one that notices. Hoping you know something I can do! Most are big that won't "pop." I'm even doing all I can not to touch my face. P.S. this feels like a dear Abby:-)

  5. Hey Dizzy!! Draz sent me over :)

    I'm so excited to follow your blog and learn about about your life and all your adventures. And I LOVE the product spots. I turned 40 on Monday...not handling it well . I'm looking for a new moisturizer. I have been using Mary Kay's Intense Moisturizer (little pink jar) and I love how my skin 'drinks' it up. I have dry skin..and never had acne, even in high school. But I want to find something with sunscreen in it that will help to stop/minimize lines and wrinkles. Any ideas?

    I really think we're all going to like you bunches!!

  6. Oh how fun! I'm a beauty junkie too (like they know my name at 2 different Sephora's),it's always fun to swap secrets. Love the blog!

  7. Awesome info! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Dizzy...I've got shit for lashes and would love to try latisse. But who knows if two months from now they'll discover it makes you go blind. It seems like such a huge risk for something so frivolous. Thoughts?

  9. I'm with you on too much coke zero!