Monday, December 20, 2010

Where's my toothpaste.

I have a lot going on in my brain this morning.  A LOT.

Grad school is becoming a harder and harder, further and further fantasy for me that seems to be just out of my reach.  I wish I would've decided 3 months ago to do this; all of the deadlines are right now and I still haven't taken the GRE or GMAT.  It looks like after all is said and done, I will probably have to wait another year to go.  I'm missing deadlines right and left and seem to be paralyzed with the inability to do anything about it.  But I don't want to wait another year- now that I know I want to do this- I want to go NOW.  I'm frustrated and overwhelmed.  Then there is still the looming question of what personal statements, costs, etc

Then there is Christmas and money.  Who to buy for, how much to spend, when to get what by; I can't open this can of stress right now.

2 things on a list of 10 that are swarming in my head.  I need to go to the gym.  I need to go shopping, not just for gifts, but for myself.  I need to make some visits for my job.  I need to get this all done before the BSM (boy scout master) calls me to go to a matinee this afternoon.  I need to do this and do that and do this and do that...

Remember how I told you that when I get stressed- ultimately I end up doing nothing?  Yeah, that's today.  I've been up since 6:30 and I've succeeded at brushing my teeth, checking my bank account, depositing a check into my bank account, reading a few good articles about feeling the spirit of the season, and eating breakfast.

Wow- time flies when you're having fun.



  1. I was up and about early too but now I'm dragging. It must just be that kind of day. Hoping to get a few things accomplished a little later.

  2. Maybe to get yourself going start with what you can accomplish right now. The Christmas thing, as an adult we only give to immediate family or do dirty Santa exchanges. Lastly school is going to happen. You want it. One way or another it will come together and you will achieve all of your goals. Now get to the go workout. Your boyfriend Gym misses you. Mwuah!

  3. Ha - where's the toothpaste? Love it. Why is there so little time in a day? I can't find the time either so I do nothing but veg or look on the net and watch my to do list get bigger and bigger and then I stress more and more. It's a viscious cycle. Bleh. Crap - that didn't help you did it? LOL

  4. Had to chuckle at this post... it's almost 6pm here, and I have around 6hrs paperwork still to be done... and haven't even done dishes yet! (at least I'm dressed, LOL)

    I was going to email you but didn't find an email addy for you... so hope it's alright to put it here. I appreciated more than you can know the comment you left me about getting my teeth fixed.

    I could tell you KNEW exactly the way I feel, right down to trying to smile with my mouth closed. If I lived alone, I would "charge it" in a heartbeat!! Zero doubts about that. Unfortunately, my sweetie is being forced into early retirement soon and it's iffy as to how we will even pay the mortgage, let alone dental work. We will have no medical/dental/vision insurance... well, enough sob story. Suffice to say... he is totally against it.

    But I haven't given up hope... you never know what will turn up around the next corner. And while I wait, I plan to live as fully NOW as I can.

    Again, thank you for such a touching comment... it made me feel understood.

  5. I am proud of you for already hitting the low carb plan! That's awesome. I still have to go shopping today and then realized oh my goodness I am making my Granny's potato salad recipe for Christmas and don't know if I can pass that up because we only make it once or twice a year. But I am still going to start. I will just have to do an extra day to make up for it!

    I know how ya feel. The stress of Christmas the last few years has made me feel like it's almost not worth it. I think I'd rather travel during Christmas to the bahamas or Hawaii or something and pretend it isn't happening (like in that movie 4 Christmases)Yeah...

    Oh well it will be over soon! Hang in there Diz!