Friday, December 31, 2010


1. Do you make a New Year’s resolution list every year? Do you meet those resolutions, forget about them or never meet them?

Considering my last post was my public New Year's Resolutions list- I think it's safe to say that YES, I make NYR!!!!  And I love doing it.  I usually check in around June to see how my progress is going and what I need to do to step it up; I'll check in sometimes around October too so I can "finish the year strong" and crap like that.  Now that I make more realistic goals, I feel like I meet them about 75% of the time.  And I enjoy my goals; I don't make ones that I'm going to dread (except grad school).

2. If you could delete all the songs from existence from a certain singer, who would it be?

Ugh I'd have to say that Kesha chick.  Her songs are so annoying.  Seriously?  Can I be a rockstar too?  Because apparently it takes NO talent these days to be a singer. 

3. If you could have sex with any Superhero – who would it be?

Green Lantern.  Why?  Because in the movie that's coming out soon- it's Ryan Reynolds and let's face it- he's only one of the hottest men on the planet. 

4. If it was free AND unlimited – would you choose to have a cook, chauffeur, or masseuse?

Cook.  All the way.  Who wants to cook if someone can do it for you?  And make healthy, lowfat meals that are delicious, while you sit and wait to be served?  COOK.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week – in real life and blogland.

My life has been pure ease and bliss for the last week.  I'm relaxing at my mother's house (and have been here since last Friday) and we occasionally go out to do stuff, but mostly we relax.  We watch movies.  We go out to eat.  We go to the mall or go to the movies, or go see friends.  It's been super chill.  Be jealous. 

As far as Blogland- same.  Chill.  I get amazing comments from great friends and I try to make a few comments on blogs when something inspires me, but other than that- no drama.  Just chill.


Don't get too crazy tonight and don't drive if you can help it.




  1. Oh God - I couldn't read anything after #3...for real. And I am jealous! LOVE YOUR GUTS!

  2. You know he is going to be single again.Dizzy & Ryan sitting in a tree...=D

    Yeah for smartphones-only my blog friends backgrounds look so dark some of the blogs are hard to read. Hopefully I can figure it out.

  3. Yes, a cool for sure! A multitasking cook even better - happy new year!