Tuesday, December 7, 2010

37 freak outs..

Last night I ran into 37...remember him?  My neighbor that I'm semi (and probably will always be semi) interested in.  He's just so cute!  But he is always busy.  He is the CEO of one company, and has 2 nonprofits that he's in charge of as well.  Remember last time I told you about him- he was going to Nepal to help build a school or something for homeless children (or something)?  Yeah- that's 37.  Always on the go.  I haven't even seen him except once during my 43 days of complete abstinence from sugar (pre-Thanksgiving.  It's now been 54 days.  I mention this because he has gone without sugar for over 2 years, and I was excited to tell him that I became sugar free too- but I never saw him).  We went to dinner once last week, but I haven't seen him or his truck since then.  Until last night.

Last night my church had a Christmas dinner party for the single's at Mario's- a gnasty little Mexican spot in a little rundown shopping center down the street.  It's tradition- we go to Mario's every year.  I wish someone would do away with that tradition and pick a better restaurant, but anyway- I digress.  37 texted me to see if I was going.  I told him I was thinking about it- and asked if he was going.  He said he was- so we agreed to meet up there.  When I got there- he was no where to be found, so I found a little spot at one of the corner tables and started chatting with someone.  An hour later, 37 still was not there.  I figured he was busy with work or something and forgot about it.  Well, he showed up about 5 minutes after that and had to sit on the other side of the room because my table was full.

He waved.  I waved back.  After the gift exchange, he was still watching me (which I found odd, because usually he is surrounded by the single women and of course he's always focused on them).  I gave my hugs to all of the appropriate people and when I looked up- he was still watching me.  Weirdo. :)  J/k.  So I went up to say hi and tell him that I was going home, and I'd see him at home.  He asked me to wait- he had something he wanted to talk to me about (of course a single girl came up just then).  Um...okayyy...

After another 10 minutes of listening to this other guy show me his finger flashlight- I turned to 37 again. "I'm gonna go," I whispered as I touched his arm.  "Wait!"  He turned towards me.  "Um...how's Maimee?" (my roommate).  "Um...she's good."  I said, startled.  Maimee?  Really?
     "Um..what are you doing Thursday?"  He asked.  I started trying to think fast.  Thursday night is ARP.  I don't want to tell 37 about ARP.  I also don't want to miss ARP- it's one of the highlights of my week.  What was he getting to?  I was trying to debate between calling ARP a class or a meeting when he could see that I was stalling unintentionally.  I realized I had to say something soon because the seconds were ticking by and it looked like I was trying to make up something, which I wasn't.  "I have a meeting" I finally blurted out.  "Oh.  Okay."
     "Why?  What are you doing?"  I asked him.  "Um...I have a work Christmas party..."


"Silly!  Why didn't you just say so!  I'd love to go.  I can cancel my meeting- seriously- not a big deal."
"Really?  Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm sure."
"Okay it's semi-formal at this hotel in Newport...." the rest I didn't hear.  Semi-formal?  It's MONDAY..and you're just now telling me this????  I need a dress! Crap!

So now I'm on the hunt for a dress.  I have 2 black dresses that may work (ps, I hate both and will only wear either if absolutely necessary.  They are OLD and TIRED.  I need something new.)  I am posting 2 pictures- you will need to tell me which one to wear PLEASE, in the event I can't find something else.

Draz- I need your formulas for 3.5 pounds down- STAT! :)

Okay...which one?  I like the first one better, but it seems to be hugging me in a weird way.  It always makes my hips look and feel huge.  The second one I feel is a little too blah for a semi-formal cocktail party.  Thoughts?

I'm excited- Christmas party with 37!!

- D


  1. I agree that #2 is kind of informal. I think it is the white piping. It is very cute though!

    I don't see the weird hip-hugging thing on #1. It looks fine to me!

    Have a fun night!

  2. Neither - you gotta go out and buy a new one. You need RED or BLUE or something. Okay - yes - you're saving money. Then okay - I say number one. What about a long necklace - they are soo in right now with a big ol bangle to match. And you have heels right? Holy shitballs - I am SUPER excited for you! For realz.....

  3. i vote #1 if it comes down to it. i like the necklace in that pic, too. <3 xoxo

  4. I like the first one as well, hope you enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

  5. and bonus for being with someone you won't have to keep stressing to that you don't want sugar!

  6. I would say number 1 .. but I am with Draz.. this calls for pulling out something really with WOW factor..

  7. Oh, Diz. Neither one.

    The first thing I thought when I saw the first pic (and before I had read the post) was that the dress made your hips look wide and I wondered why you liked that picture well-enough to show it. I've never thought your hips looked wide before.

    Although, with dress #1, if you could find some kind of wowza top to go over it, that could be an answer. Stick the dress in a bag and take it with you to try on just incase a little jacket or something shows up. Sparkly little jackets/tops are often out around the holidays.

    Anyway, the second one is definitely a "No!". The white piping takes it out of the semi-formal category. Sorry.

    You know, I'm liking the jacket/top idea for dress #1. I bet you could find something pretty easily and would be less expensive than a whole dress. I'm going to read the comments and see if anyone else suggested that.

    And--how cool is it that 37 asked you out!?! Do have fun. I'll pray about the dress. :D I will!


  8. I say number 1 with some oversized bling! :) have a great night!

  9. I say new red dress (totally with Draz). Something more huggy around the bottem, rather than draping out? Or shorter with black tights/leggings? Can't wait to hear about it though; Christmas Party with a CEO....sounds like kinda a big deal;-) You better post when you get home...or the next morning!!

  10. I don't really lurve either of them, but if you have to wear one go with #1 and a chunky jewelry. But seriously you better go shopping and find something far more sessy.

  11. What is ARP?? Please tell me you dont mean AARP? You are way too young for that- lol. Also, glad you went with the black dress with the roushing- it is more flattering than these two.