Wednesday, December 8, 2010



I found and bought this one today- but now that I've tried it on and taken pictures at home for you- I feel like it's just "Meh".  Should I keep looking?  This one was fairly reasonable in price and I liked the neckline at the store, plus my hips look way smaller in this one.  My arms are looking not great though, part of the problem could be the should pads.  Yes, it's black.  I found and tried on 2 red dresses but the material was so thin on one that you could see my underwear line, and the 2nd one wasn't a good red- it was tomatoey/orange ish and didn't look good with my skin tone.  NO thank you!

I will be hunting for shoes and jewels tomorrow. Should I keep looking at dresses?  This one has shoulder pads and I feel like it's making the top of me look I feel like it's kind of blah/boring.  Def not "Wow" factor to me-  it was a last minute purchase but could be great in the future if I have an emergency.

Thank you guys for your help.  If you are trying to help me- BE HONEST!  I'd rather try to fix it now while I still have time- if you think I should keep looking (maybe for red?)

I am happy to report that this dress is a size 6- down from a size 8 (that I normally wear).  I'm still not thrilled with myself- but things are getting smaller!  Took some measurements just to be sure and yah- things are on their way down. :)

I tried to get the neckline/rouching in this one for you guys- but it's hard to see.

What say ye?



  1. I say that is WAYYYY better than the other two. You look much tinier by far and I don't think the shoulder area makes you look big and LOVE the interesting neckline. It hugs you completely in all the right places and he said semi-formal not completely all out formal so I think it's good. Go find a RED scarf - those are so in now and can be your little sweater too if it gets a bit chilly. Do RED jewelry and red heels as the pop of color. Size 6????? Yah - you rock - seriously.

  2. Way better than your other options. It really makes your figure look great. I am going a different direction than Draz-I say plum & silver jewelry/shoes. I even like the shoulders. Can't wait to hear all about tonight!

  3. I agree, this LBD def hugs your curves (compliment, please take;-) in the right way. Accessories black or silver or whatever will be just right. Have a blast & report back!!

  4. Much better! Very flattering as a matter of fact.

    The accessories will seal the deaL. Don't choose anything that will take away from that neckline or the shape of the dress on you.

    I like the whole red idea--maybe not the scarf unless you use it as a shawl. Don't want to clutter that neckline... Although good gold and diamonds is hard to beat for class, it is a CHRISTMAS event, so red is almost required. :} And well-done can look festive AND classy.

    Less is more sometimes. The cut of the dress is so perfect for you, you just need to add some sparkle without adding tackiness or taking away from that shape.

    Good job. You may first want to shop and try on from your own jewelry box. If you don't have anything exactly right, maybe try on jewelry for shape and size--then you'd have an idea of what will work.

    Anyway, LOVE the cut of that dress on you.


  5. I really like this. Black is classic and you look really good!

    I am totally jealous!

  6. I love the neckline! Love this dress! It is too cute. Dress it up with a cool bag and shoes and earrings.