Monday, March 7, 2011

Tiger's Blood

Hi Blogland!

As is standard, another weekend has come and gone.  I've been sicker than a dog all weekend, so it wasn't super eventful for me.  But I still wanted to write a post because today has been a really beautiful day and I am feeling hopeful right now...

I just paid all of my bills.  I love/hate paying bills.  I love to pay them and get them out of the way and it feels good to see the amount of money I owe go down a little each month...but I also hate paying bills because let's face it- it leaves me with no money and I'm poor.  I hate it!  But it feels good to be able to pay my bills; I am so grateful I have a job.  I am surprised with myself because as I sat here and balanced my checkbook- I realized- I'm doing a little better than I thought I was.  I have another credit card that is close to getting paid to two more payments and it's history!  I have a little money saved in the bank; not much- but something.  Woot!  I am attempting to save!  That (paying bills) got me going...

I also called that company to follow up and see where I stand.  Of course I got sent straight to voicemail.  It's fine, at least I got the nerve to call and leave a message.  I am somewhat hopeful that the guy I was interviewing with will call me back and let me know what's happening...

I have also been sick all weekend and my weight is finally coming back down.  I weighed in barely..BARELY under the 140's again this morning (for the first time in a month?) and it felt so good to see the 139's again.  I prefer the 130's to the 140's...

So yeah, life is coming along.  I've been thinking a lot lately about hope, action, and in what direction I want to go with my life.  I am excited and hopeful for what my future holds for me at the moment.  I am peaceful and grateful for my life- for the stability of it, and for God for giving me that stability and also helping me recognize my blessings and my successes.  Even though every day is a battle, as Charlie Sheen would say- today I'm winning! (Is he nutso or is it me?)

What are you grateful for??




  1. Pretty sure HE'S the nut!

    I'm winning!

    So glad you're doing well!

  2. He is a total nutso! And I am grateful for having a met so many amazing supportive people, never giving up on myself, PB2 and having one more day to share with the world :) Wishing you a quick recovery!

  3. The 130s! Wahoo, you!!! Yay, for the courage to f/u with the job, too. That's important to do--it really does make a difference.


    130s!!!!!!!! :D

  4. OMG he is nuts, wacko, and out of control. Now he's getting a bit scary too.

    Wow the 130's - good for you! Positive karma girl!!! So glad you're feeling better.

  5. Awww...Charlie Sheen! I used to think he was so super fine! Not so much anymore....coocoo for cocoa puffs!

    Glad you are back in the 130's..just wish it wasn't because don't feel well.

    I am thinking about buying a parasite to lose weight! What do you think? haha

  6. Uh - he is sooo nutso. I cannot believe that company hasn't called you back! UGH