Thursday, March 10, 2011

Letting Go, Letting Flow..

I have been DYING to write this post!!  So much to tell you guys!

So yesterday- I had my interview.  It was awesome and I am so excited- I think I might be starting a new job as soon as April!  Maybe mid- April, I'm not quite sure when it will be.  I'm okay with mid-April or even May because that gives me just a few more paychecks at my job before I transition over...the transition is the scariest part to me. :)  I am super close at getting a few more credit cards paid off and would just like to have them off my plate before the big transition.  The guy I met with yesterday was so personable and great and he would be my boss for the next few months while I get trained on the product and get into the field as a distributor.  After working with/for him for a few months, I would transition again to work on another team- but it is crucial that I take this step first to work on the sales team to learn the product and that aspect of the company before I transition over into my final position.  I am super excited but also super nervous- the sales team is sink or swim for me.  I am really hopeful and I trust and believe that this guy will really help me become fully prepared to sell this thing!  WOOT!!!!

I also went to hot yoga yesterday.  I've been going to yoga every day and am addicted.  While I haven't lost any weight- I'm not surprised- I am still sick and haven't been able to do any other type of exercise as my lungs are still fighting off phlegm.  I am still waking up in the middle of the night due to phlegm/cough attacks.  But I'm mentally in the zone and ready to get down to business!  So it's hard to hold back right now, but I know my body needs to heal.  Being sick did help me lose some pounds and I'm within 3 pounds of my weight pre- Chicago, which really excites me.  I feel really really ready to work on those last 10-15 pounds to get me to my goal weight....please let that happen!

I've also decided to participate in Lent this year, though I'm not Catholic.  Who cares?  I can still do it too!  I love the idea of Lent...and I'm super excited about my sacrifices this year.  I've decided to cut out (surprise surprise) meat, sugar, and soda.  Same things I battle every time when I make a goal- let's be honest.  Weren't sugar and soda my New Year's goals?  Hahahaha...  I feel good about cutting these 3 death traps for Lent because since it's only 40 days I feel like it's doable, rather than looking at an entire year. 

So hopefully between Lent, yoga, and running (once my lungs are in better shape), I hope to be losing/winning in no time.  Bring on the summer!  Bring on the new job!!! Bring on the goals and the vision!!

What are your plans???




  1. YES. loved this, and i can't wait to read more! i am praying for your wellbeing and happiness, Diz.

  2. I completely told you this would be your year! Everything worth having is worth the fight. Hang in there on the last 15, it too will come off! I am beyond excited for you! And you will totally rock lent!

  3. Woot! I am praying for you on the job front. Every time you say hot yoga I my mind automatically goes 13 year old boy. lol

    Lent is going to be great! We've got this!

  4. Yay! I am so excited for you! Congratulations and I know you can do it! Yoga, Lent and Running is definitely going to burn some serious weight!

  5. Woohoo, you! Congratulations on the job! Well done. You got this. Deb

  6. Wowzer you are just oozing positive mojo! Good for you!! Can't wait to hear all the good news reports in the days to come...

  7. Congrats on the credit cards! I'm also doing lent, that means no meat for me!!


  8. Lent is actually 47 days!!!! I gave up pasta, so it's gonna be a long 47 days lol