Friday, March 4, 2011

Left Eye

I thank everybody for the love.

I'm still frustrated, sure.  On top of it- I got sick at some point in the day.  I was driving and then all the sudden my nose was running like crazy, I got a scratch in my throat, and I started coughing and sneezing.  Lovely.

But despite all of the failures this year so far...I realized this morning that we're only a 6th of the way through the year.  It's still a new year, and I still have hope that it will turn around and get better.  Even though I'm kind of bummed (and sick) right now- I know that the energy has shifted.  If big things are trying to come into my life- one of them has to stick eventually- right?  Something good is still cooking in the kitchen my friends- something good!  And I'm excited to find out what it is!  Just bring it to me already!!!!

The other good news is- since I'm sick I no longer have an appetite.  :)  YES!  My left eye is watering out of control, but at least I'm not hungry.  Maybe 2 pounds can come off?  I'd sure love it if they did...




  1. So you are sick but glad the appetite is under control. Feel better soon!

  2. Weight can come of for the darndest reasons. I hope you feel better soon physically! The mentally seems to be there, which is awesome :D

  3. Blechy. Tomatoes help increase white blood cell production. =)

    Feel better soon my love. Thanks for your comment-I decided low carb is not for me. I am inded a "Mod Girl". =)

  4. This post kinda freaked me out - yesterday all of a sudden my nose just started running and I'm coughing and now I just woke up and it's freaking noon. I'm sick. It sucks. We're twins. LOL

  5. Hoping you feel better soon!!

  6. See. That's why you were so tired. Enjoy your sick time. :)