Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shake it.

Note:  These crazy posts are happening at late hours of the night- just FYI.  Who says I'm sane at 2 am?  Keep that in mind as you proceed...

I came home today to find my scale has been hidden.  The roomie felt I needed a break from the obsession.  She pointed out that it's a double negative- I feel fat- so I go to the scale looking for comfort- and when I don't find it- I feel worse.  She noticed I've been super stressed about the war with the scale the last few days and she doesn't like it.  She says I should be feeling great from my workouts- which I was doing for a few days...but not lately.  So she took it.  I get to weigh once a week now and that's it.  Boo.  I don't know how I'm going to live without my scale...I'm kind of relieved and kind of freaked beyond belief.  This is NOT the time to steal my scale!

I've been eating terribly the last two days.  I can't seem to reign it in.  Who cares, right? Not I- not right now.  It's pity party central over here.  Tonight I had a wedding to go to; afterwards my friend and I were both in a weird place and stopped for a McDonald's ice cream cone.  This is after we had wedding cake in the corner at the reception.  Wasn't I on a sabbatical from sugar?  Yeah- I thought so too.  Even the RELIGIOUS ABSTINENCE for LENT couldn't seem to slow or stop this train wreck from happening.  Throw me into a wedding reception with a skinny ass bride and remind me that I'm still super single and of course I crack.  Awesome.  Luckily the bestie was feeling it too so after our bitch fest and a lot of ice cream- we went out on the town and ended up at a karaoke joint.  No, I didn't sing; I did bang my knee pretty hard on a metal chair though.  Again- Awesome.  I did have a cute little get up on- but when I got home I looked at the pics and am not sure I liked my outfit was kind of boxy.

On a random side note- I came home to find out the roomie and Ape went on a rampage to Wal-Mart to buy food and water for the predicted earthquake that is coming up...and all the camping gear has been completely sold out.  Everyone is in panic mode.  I went to Wal-Mart earlier this week and bought $100 worth of water, food, and a little camping oven (and some flashlights and stuff), but it's not nearly enough.  I hope this thing doesn't happen, seriously.  Can we please go back to normal life?  My roommate has an app on her phone that shows when and where and how big the earthquakes are that are happening all over the world right now. We'll be mid- conversation and her phone will beep- alerting her that another 5.4 earthquake has just hit Indonesia, or Japan (again), or Brazil.  We are all going to die.  The earth is seriously rumbling lately-  I had to tell her to take the app off her phone tonight because it's sending her over the edge just like my scale is sending me over the edge.  What is going on with us?

Ack.  I hope tomorrow is better.




  1. My little sister called last night a little freaked out. Her and her boy toy are visiting friends in Cali this week and she was a little freaked by the predicted earth quake. Stay safe, and lighten up on yourself. Good for the roomie hiding the scale, if I were there thats what I would have done too!

  2. So...singleness and weighing-in and eating ice cream...big news. A prredicted EARTHQUAKE gets a side note? :o

    Sometiems posts can reveal funny things, huh?

    Glad you bought supplies. I've beenpraying for your safety ever since Japan happened. I hadn't heard about the predicrted earthquake.


  3. i'm praying for you, Dizzy. i actually took the battery out of my scale friday and threw it away because i am obsessed with the scale, the number determines whether i am happy/sad, i do the big double negative thing, etc.


  4. Breath Diz! I honestly think that this higher stress times makes the stress from the weigh ins worse. And yes the scale is being a double negative and you already are having a stress out session! And darling you ARE punishing yourself with sugar. You know how bad it makes you feel after yet you turn to it when your stressed (much like me and food and smoking) I think of it as self punishment. Love your self Diz you are amazing! Give your body time to catch up with your brain :)

  5. Its the moon! Blame it all on the moon! : )