Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bikini Season. Of death.


The "company" called me to set up a time for another interview.  Possibly tomorrow (I have to call in the morning to see if the owner is back in the office- apparently he's been out with the flu too).  I am so excited and nervous I can't stand it.


Keeping my fingers crossed!!! Prayers people! PRAYERS!

Also went to yoga today.  Had to leave the room at one point as to not hack up a lung on my fellow yogi's.  My throat is still a burning trap of death, but other than that I'm feeling better.  I need to get better so I can go running!  Time to get ready for beach body- Summer is a few mere months away!  90 days folks!!!  Are you ready for summer??  Are you?  What are you doing to get ready- I'll take all tips I can get.  I heard a tip from a friend today- she said that she started jumping rope last year for 5 minutes a day and within a few weeks could visibly see a difference in her body tone (in other words- she toned up considerably).  I am not opposed to trying this- ANYTHING helps at this point!!!  My roommate told me today while we were on our way to yoga that she has noticed the last two years that I would do anything I could to avoid the beach and she doesn't want me to be like that this year.  She says it's time to 'handle our business' down at the beach and she needs me to be ready to hang.  It's true; since I've moved to Huntington Beach 3 years ago I have avoided the beach as much as possible, only making it out there a few times per year at most.  And once I'm there I make a point to lay right down and I do NOT MOVE until it's time to go home.  I hate jiggling in some game of beach soccer or beach volleyball...my swimsuits have never held me in place (not just boobs people- ALL of me jiggles constantly).  But I don't want to miss out on the action anymore...while I can't guarantee that I will be playing sports, I also can't keep living indoors when I have such a beautiful place to enjoy...

What will tone me up quick???




  1. I live in Florida and the last time I was at the beach my younger son was 5 months old.

    Child's 8 now.

    I think anything that has you moving is a good thing for toning up -- any good combo of aerobic and resistance exercise. Plus watching what goes in is also helpful. :)

  2. I seen Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred so serious toning! I swear as soon as I am able I am shredding my ass shelf off! <3 you. I am getting stronger every day! And never let your body hold you prisoner!

  3. At this moment I'm lying in bed with my laptop thinking about all the things I SHOULD be doing to get ready for summer. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get some movement accomplished.

  4. I like the jump rope idea. I've heard good things about that. And YES on the job! I'll be praying all night and day!

  5. i feel a bit ridiculous giving you advice, Diz, but a mini trampoline is supposed to work wonders! i've got one, and when i jump, even after 10 minutes (which feels like an eternity to me), i can feel it in the abs area and up!

    praying for you, as always.

  6. Woohoo! Prayers going up! :D

    Do NOT be out running or mixing it up with croweds and sweat until YOUI ARE BETTER. You do not want to be sick for the interview.

    IF the boss has had to miss work because of flu, he won't want to talk to an obviouis germo the minute he gets back. I'm praying about that, too.

    As far as toning up---Well, you know that I have an opinion on everything. Almost. Toning up falls thru the cracks. Hahaha. For obvious reasons!

    Your young body will respond to nice steady effort. Oh. Wait. Was that an opinion on toning? Ack. I just can't help myself, can I?


  7. Find Mama Laughlins blog on my side bar and see her 30 day shred results. It does work! I use it, but I have a few more layers to work through-so it's more of a circuit training for me. Anyway-it's about 22 minutes long and worth the $10. =)

    Love ya girl-I want to see your sessy beach bod!! And let me tell you-I still rock my suit taking the boys to the pool & spray parks in the summer. You are a hottie and have nothing to worry about. Good vibes for the job!