Monday, March 21, 2011

I have no scale, but at least I have toilet paper.

I'm finally feeling "less fat"...which is good- because intenso workouts resume today.  I did not get my yoga session in, which I regret- but I was trying to wait on the roommate and ended up getting too busy and now I won't be able to get yoga in today. But everything else resumes- the million jumps (we're doing over 1000 jumps right now), a 4-5 mile run, and ab ripper death.  I. WILL. GET. SKINNY.

I wanted to weigh in this morning- but alas, there is no scale.  :(  My roommate kept trying to pump me up this morning, reminding me that I'll work harder knowing I have a weigh in coming up- but I tried to explain to her that I am the opposite- I do better when I know I'm going down vs just wondering until weigh in day.  When I only weigh once a week- I get this crazy notion in my head that I have "time" until the next weigh in (still 4 more days to burn this off!)- so I eat indulge.  This weekend was no exception; once I knew the scale was gone I had nachos, pizza, and cookies yesterday.  I told myself I have all week to burn it off.  I laid around and watched movies all day with the roommate and friends; the only thing I could've done to burn less calories than that is actually fall into a coma.  Today- I went back to cutting out sugar again for the rest of Lent- just because I messed up over the weekend doesn't mean I should give up entirely- but I had another pizza for lunch.  At least I haven't had any soda.  Sheesh.

In other news- I set up my day to go on my ride along with someone from "The Company" on Wed.  I am nervous; I've been trying to talk myself out of it all morning.  I just paid off another credit card and I am finally on track to have most of my debt gone by the end of this year...if not all of am I insane to try to switch jobs right now and NOT have a set salary?  These economic times are shaky!  This is NOT the time to dump my salary!  BUT...I can't let myself think this way.  I had to stuff these feelings down and ignore them and remember- that if I can make this happen- I will make more money in one month than I can make in 3 months in my job now.  If I can make myself just jump...I am setting myself up to make more money long term than I ever thought possible- I just need to have faith in myself and jump!!  I have to have a conversation with my mother about this every week or so.  She talks me off the ledge every time.  She reminded me again that she absolutely believes in me and that she KNOWS I can do this 100% and she is not in the least bit afraid.  She reminds me that I MUST do this- or I will kick myself forever...and she is right.  As scary as it is- I need to take the jump.  So around 4, I finally called the guy and set everything up.  He was being super funny and laughing and joking around with me and told me he'd been waiting for my call.  Why are they so nice over there?  It's a little off putting.  Needless to say- I love my mom.  I love my mom more than anything in the world and am so grateful every single day that she is my mom and I still have her in my life.

In other news...Oh wait- THERE IS NOTHING ELSE.  That's right...there are no men.  Unless you want to hear about me and all of my estrogen laden friends- I have nothing else exciting to share.  I've been working tirelessly to put together my 72 hour emergency kit and it's almost done and I'm so proud of myself.  The roomie and I have been working tirelessly to buy and store everything we need in case of an emergency.  Saturday night her and another friend of mine went to WalMart to buy more stuff while I was at the wedding. Apparently everyone in OC has bought up everything at the store because they said the place had been ransacked and there was nothing left.  It makes me nervous.  I just keep trying to remind myself I have the basics....water, water, a little food, candles and matches, toilet paper, and a flashlight with batteries.  Yes, the more you have, the better.  I will be getting more as Walmart gets more.  But for now- I have a good start.

Okay lovies- time to go workout and read some blogs.  XO!



  1. Diz I think that this time with out a scale is going to be good. You have to switch your mentality for instant gratification or instant punishment. Weight loss is longterm and will have its ups and downs! And yes I agree with your mom you can do anything! And I know that you will be an amazing sales person!

  2. If you had a man you might not have the TP-just saying, it disappears pretty fast around these parts!

    Your mom is my kind of woman. JUMP! And when you land you'll be one skinny happy bitch. =)

    Love you and I am praying that 72 hour kit collects major inches of dust because you won't need it.