Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Almost got arrested...naked. Ha!

You'll be proud to know I went running again yesterday.  Today I might just go to yoga; my legs are not used to the 4 miles I'm trying to tack on them everyday right now.  Can we say holy flab?  I'm so out of shape it's embarrassing- honestly.   

The sun is out and it's insanely gorgeous here in HB today.  I mean, insanely gorgeous.  Wish I could somehow capture it and put it on my blog for you to sample.  The sun, the temperature, everything about this day (weather wise) is perfect.  I never get over the fabulous weather here.  When I was talking to Wisconsin/Chicago boy back in Jan/Feb, he said he would never move somewhere like this because he didn't want to get used to such great weather.  Wha????? That doesn't even make sense.  I have lived here for 3 years and I'm still not used to it.  LOVE IT...maybe I'll go running after all.

OR I might go lay out for a bit.  Did a little bit of work this morning but now I want to take advantage of the freedom that my job offers and the beauty of the weather I'm not enjoying by being inside. 

I do have a boy story..if anyone cares... Wanna hear about it?  Keep reading if you want to see a night in the life of Dizzy...

So there is a boy I've known for about a year now- he is my friend I've told you about that is also a massage therapist and is helping me find a job.  We met at the bowling alley about a year ago; he goes to my church and lives just around the corner from me.  When we met, he was interested right away- the first night he was kissing my finger and asking me if I wanted to go out sometime.  I'm trying to remember if we ever had a real date; can't remember now.  He's always kind of liked me, and I have gone back and forth on liking him; sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.  I think we just ended up making out a few times when we first met and then he kind of disappeared.  He told me later that he started dating this girl that lives in Southern Orange county (about 45 min away) and we just became friends after that.  

Lately we've been hanging out a lot again; he's been calling me to give me updates on the places he works in case I want to work there too (he works in several NICE resorts down here).  Last night he hit me up to see if I wanted to do dinner and we ended up out and about.  One thing led to another and the next thing you know, we were streaking on the beach at midnight, trying to avoid the police who comb the beach after curfew.  I don't streak, ever.  I don't think I ever have, let alone with a man.  Let alone when there is a damn spotlight combing the beach looking for trespassers.  I was running my ass off- you would think that my life depended on that run.  It kind of did- there was no way in hell I was letting a cop catch my naked ass, or really hold still long enough for this dude to really get a good look at me in my birthday suit.  Needless to say, after all of that fun- we ended up on one of the lifeguard towers, giggling and kissing like crazy (after our clothes were back on).  Of course.

After it got too cold to stay out there, we went back to his house (he lives a block away from the water) and he built a little bed out on the patio and we slept under the stars with tons of blankets.  It was really fun and this morning he was being so sweet and cute before he left for work.  I tried SUPER HARD to get him to stay home today and just hang out with me; I kept throwing out all the things I know he loves that we could do on our day off, but the good man went to work like he should.


Needless to say- I had a good night last night.  Like I said- I need to fill the pipeline with new boys- why not start with an old friend??




  1. Oh I love that story...I cannot believe you streaked....I LOVE that you did that!!! That's the spirit in you I know you have !

  2. How fun does that sound? Seriously-maybe you need to write some books. Dizzy's Adventures in Socal!

  3. Yay! Oh you are such a rebel! I would have never expected you to be a Streaker! LOL! All that matters is that your having a good time! YAY!

  4. All I can say is .... Oh, to be young again! I'm glad you're having fun! (I'll tell you a little secret. I went skinny dipping about a month or so ago at 2 a.m. Was pretty fun! *wink*)