Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pre- Rampage

Some of you may or may not have noticed..

My blog never seems to be about health anymore.  I've been so consumed with my life and my job and making any $$ to survive- that food and health have kind of been the last things on my mind.

Until my roommate reminded me that it's one week til the 4th of July. Eek.

Here, where we live in Southern California (Huntington Beach especially), the 4th of July is a BIG DEAL.  I think a 4th of the state of California's population shows up in Huntington Beach on this weekend.  If you live here- you cannot leave your house- EVER during the weekend, or you will lose your parking spot (unless you're one of those lucky sons of bitches that has your own garage).  I live downtown and it is especially heinous down here.  There are not many garages, and half the time people will park in front of them anyway because there is no where else to park.  But I'm getting side tracked- who cares about all the parking problems?  My point is- the place is PACKED.  Rats...(as we call them) are running a muck all over the city. Packs of rats in bikini's and surf shorts and nothing else.  EVERYWHERE.

I cannot be the only person on this side of the continent in clothing.

The good news is- yesterday I weighed myself and I weighed in at 138.4  Not great- but I can work with this.  So last night I went running.  I ate super controlled yesterday and went running 4 miles last night.  Rampage on.  The good thing about this rampage is even if I only lose 2 pounds- I would still rather lose them then not. I don't anticipate losing a ton of weight because I only have a week...but since it's only a week I can suck it up.  Working out and losing weight and watching what you eat all seems to take up so much energy- energy I've been focusing elsewhere.  BUT NOT THIS WEEK.

It felt good to be back on the wagon yesterday.  The run felt amazing.  Now I'm blogging in attempt to avoid running right now (I need to run before I take my shower and head up to the office for a bit).  Just because I did it once does not mean I don't dread doing it again.  But I told myself last night- I can be dedicated for a week.  I can make working out a priority.  I can make eating healthy a priority.  Even if only for a week.

I've also been laying out like crazy too.  Which is horrible for your skin and I admit- being in the skin care industry- I feel guilty about it.  But I must!  I will not be a polar white on the 4th!  I'm already super behind everyone else- after laying out Saturday AND Sunday last weekend- I finally got a tan line.  FINALLY.

So yeah- rampage on.  I'm trying to meet new boys; all the old ones except one have been cut.  The one who has NOT been cut...just won't go.  I've tried like- 8 times.  He. Will. Not. Give. Up.  I spent the night at his house the other night.  He called yesterday to say thank you for spending the night.  Nothing happened (physcially) besides some kissing- but I still thought that was really sweet of him to call.  I don't know though- something about him is just not working for me- but I'm not sure what it is.  Anyway- we'll delve into that a little more another time- This post is about the 4th.

What are you doing for the 4th...any plans yet?




  1. The 4th is crazy here too. People come from everywhere for the parade and fireworks. We usually just stay home. We might go to the lake and cook out some burgers though.

  2. 138.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo! :D What a wonderful number to be UP TO! :D

    Thank your for your prayers, fierce girl. you make a difference.


  3. Wow, I would not do good where you live. I don't deal with crowds very well. And if they're taking my parking spot, well, I would not like that!

    I don't do well on the 4th over all. I can't do fireworks. The crowds, on top of something about them. Just never have liked them. WE usually cook out, but I go home, or in, for the fireworks!

  4. I wouldn't do well in SoCal. Down here (in Florida) it's marginally acceptable for us early-forties mothers to stick to spraytanning (who has time to lay out?) or just go with our natural fluorescent white skin color. I opt for the second, which means I'm blinding at the pool LOL.

    Enjoy your 4th!

  5. First off-your AMAZING WONDERFUL SWEET comment has been floating in my head. I love you girl-thank you for your support!

    The 4th there sounds like a mix of frustrating & fun! Me & my handsome kiddos are headed back to western KS for a week of fun in the sun. And wind-hello flat!!

  6. Hey beautiful lady! I am very proud of you that you are under 140 with all the stress and chaos that has been in your mind! And your right losing 2 pounds will make a difference cause you will feel you accomplished much! My Dilla turns 12 on June 30th so the 4th usually ends his birthday week. So alas I will be catering to my precious.

  7. AWESOME on the run! And a tan? Watch out NEW boys - the hottie is back....except in my eyes you never left. You go girl. You got this. xoxo

  8. Rampage on girlfriend!!!!! woo hoo!!!