Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm fast...

I didn't mean to, but I bought a new car today.

Yep.  2011 Black Nissan Altima.  It loves me.  I love it more.  Black on black, with blacked out windows of course.  I feel super cool.  It's the smoothest thing I've ever driven.  Also went to dinner with friends in LA to celebrate and met a cute new guy.  I've seen him around but never paid attention before, but tonight he was telling stories and he's actually quite funny and has the most amazing blue eyes.  I swear they were twinkling.  He's 6'4 too; you know how I love 6'4.  As soon as he said he was 6'4, I audibly gasped and told him I'm in love with 6'4 guys.  Someone rolled their eyes and said, "D, you just said that cuz you made out with a 6'4 guy in Chicago."  Hahaha, oops!

Rampage on!




  1. Congrats on the new car! I'm excited for you.!

  2. OMG - love that you got a new car! How fun is that! And love that you might have a new 6'4"!

  3. This is too funny! congrats on the new car, and potential mate!

  4. I'm all about black on black cars - woo hoo - congratulations!!

    And I look forward to hearing about Mr. 6'4".

  5. aw, yeah!! i love that you got a new car! i need to google a pic. i'm betting it's sleek.

    6!4! yesss.