Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happiest Girl in the World? One day, young Paduin...

I can't believe all of the things that are happening in my life right now...

I have so much to tell you guys, and not enough time.  First of all, it's 11 pm and I'm just now writing this post.  I couldn't go another day.  But I have to make it super snappy because I have to be up early for work...

Okay, I'm going to cut everything out in order to save time and just tell you guys that I finally...FINALLY got back on the wagon today around 4 pm and it was awesome.  I was just done- you know?  I stopped in at Cherry on Top to have a little ice cream treat and it made my stomach cramp up (as sugar usually does) and I just thought- I'm done.  I'm over it.  So I came home and managed to run 4.5 miles and then go straight to Yoga Sculpt, where I almost puked.  I drank about 1/2 a gallon of water tonight (no joke- I'm seriously that dehydrated from drinking Diet Coke for 8 straight days...seriously my kidneys were starting to hurt), and I had some soup and took a hot shower and now I'm so excited to crawl into my bed.

I love being on a rampage- it makes me so much happier.

The other great thing that happened today is that I was talking to someone and he mentioned that I'm much happier when I have a plan.  I've been mulling over this and thinking about a friend of mine (or two) that is kind of struggling in this area as well.  I've come to the conclusion that I AM so much happier when I have a plan.  I'm talking about a life plan.  I'm talking about knowing what I need to do and want to do so that I don't feel stuck in a rut and doing nothing.  I'm not the kind of person that can just be content with sitting; I'm a doer (I guess this would depend on the topic considering I haven't worked out for 2 weeks).  I was happy to be studying for the GRE.  I'm happy when I get calls for a new job potential because it means new opportunities and growth.  And I'm happy right now when I think about all that the future holds and the opportunities I can create for myself if I will just take the time to figure out where I want to get to in 5 years.  You feel me?  So I am going to (yet again) make a 5 year plan.  This may or may not include grad school.  So what that I fell on my face once?  Doesn't mean I will do that again.  :)  Of course right now I'm so spazzy and almost manic from this realization that I should definitely take a breather and think about this some more before I go on a crazy rampage and type a million words. Of blithering.  Which we all know I tend to do.

Okay friends, literally that is all I can write about for now because I need to get to bed.  Are you a planner too?  What makes you happy?

I'm on a quest to find out how to be the happiest girl in the whole world.  I hope I can find the answers I need to make this thought a reality. :)




  1. I'm happiest when I have a plan to. A goal that I can work toward. I feel lost and restless when there are not goals that interest me.

  2. reading this post makes me happy! i look forward to a whole lot more rampage outta you, girl! GO DIZZY, GO!


  3. AMEN sista! Seriously - we're cut from the same cloth. I've read this a million times - cuz it's so happy it makes me smile. Thank you for that.