Monday, January 10, 2011

I think I'm still alive, but not sure..

This has to be the fastest post I'm ever going to write, mainly because I was supposed to be in bed about 14 minutes ago and still have yet to wash my face and begin the nightly ritual.

I went for a 4 mile run today on the beach...first time in months.  Since October I think- when I quit training for Ragnar.  It felt awesome to be out there.  My throat was sore from the dry cold air, but I loved it.  Took some pics but I'll have to upload them later as I'm in too much of a hurry to get to bed.

I was thinking about it on my run and I'm worried that I will fall off the blog map.  I barely have time to check in and write a post, let alone get in and comment on other people's blogs.  I feel horrible about that and I'm sorry to all of you who I have sucked at supporting, who have supported me.  I am aware that I suck, big time.  Please forgive me and be patient, I swear after this month is over, I will be better.

Grad school application is coming along- I found a good friend that recently graduated with an MBA who is helping me with my letter of intent.  I wrote about half of it then sent it to him for review; he was supposed to come over tonight to help me with it but we went to BJ's to watch the game instead.  Auburn won and Oregon lost...damn.  We've postponed the paper til Wed and that gives me anxiety, just because I want to get it done and out of the way so I can focus on studying for the GRE.  Picked a date this morning- Jan 28th at 2 pm, I will be sweating bullets and testing my life away.

I was able to finally start the death project the boss wants by Friday today.  So that was good.

What else, what else...

There are two new male prospects at the moment- but really, seriously, that's about all I can tell you now.  I will have to expound on this more later as it's been 16 minutes and I HAVE to get to bed.  I have presentations to do in the morning starting at 7 am. Yay me.

Please don't forget about me- and pray I get through this month.  If you only hear from me sporadically- know that I am here in spirit and heart, and I'll be back full force in Feb.




  1. i think we all understand that life gets in the way of blogging sometimes, don't stress over it! you should just focus on what you need to get done this month, and know we'll be waiting when you get back. (((hugs)))

  2. Go live your life-it makes for better blogging later. We'll be here when you get back.

    BTW-4 miles on the beach? You rock! Does sliding through 8 inches of snow count trying to take out trash and slogging a 25 pound kid? Then I totally rocked it too. ;) Tonight I'm going to P90 it up.

  3. NOT gonna forget you, are you kidding. blog when you want- it's your blog, do your own thing. like Miss S. said, we'll be here when you get back.

    four miles on the beach, after months? GO YOU!

    love, love, love you!

  4. Dizzy, as always you are in my thought. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to blog when things are this hectic in real life. We love to hear from you but completely understand that real life takes precedence. You have been MORE than supportive on my blog and I appreciate that SO MUCH. Don't down yourself when you have been so helpful to so many of us. Hang in there. Let us know more about the prospects when you have time and remember we are sending love and hugs and encouragement your way. Peace!

  5. haven't forgotten you, fierce girl! :) Live your life and don't sweat it.

    But, find a few minutes to check out my last post to see if you want that t-shirt. It's a shirt to express solidarity against fat!


  6. Dizzy I think your are great and I am happy for you! Don't worry about us. Just give us an update to let us know your okay! You can do anything! Please never doubt yourself!

  7. We'll forgive you! Now get to work! Awaiting your fuller posts in February!

  8. You're FINE! Don't worry about the blog world. That's what following is for -- this way we know when you've resurfaced :) Sounds like you're busy and having a good time. Enjoy, and keep us posted as you're able!