Friday, January 7, 2011

I feel a crazy coming on...

I'm stressed this morning.

There is no reason for me to be this stressed...well, there kind of is, but it should be nothing I can't handle, and yet I'm sitting here, wallowing in my stress.  My boss basically tripled the workload by giving us this project to do.  We usually have to enter this information into the work database everyday- but we haven't had to do it since May (my team).  Well, this week the boss decided he wants us to go back and enter everything since May; and it has to be done by next Friday.  The process is really slow and takes a lot of time because the system is so slow.  I have not been able to do anything since my passwords had to be reset and our corporate office hasn't gotten me my new passwords yet (I just called them AGAIN).  So this is causing me to freak out.  Because that puts a lot of pressure on next week, and if they don't get me my passwords by the end of today, I can't work on it over the weekend.

So a smart Dizzy would start working on her Letter of Intent, since she now has the time and she knows that needs attention.  Or she could finish filling out her online app, since there is information she has to call her old University to get.  But no, instead I'm just sitting here, freaking out.  I need to get a grip- it's going to be a long month otherwise.

Or I could go to the gym.  But my stomach is in knots and I'm not sure if I'm going to have diarrhea or not any minute now.  It feels like it could be diarrhea-ish, or just nerves.  What is my problem?

Yesterday I thought I was doing so well.  I was telling someone that I was so thankful and that I feel like in the last month alone, I've come so far.  Funny how "so far" really is just a few steps when you really look at it.  And those steps can easily be taken one giant step if you're not careful.

Ugh.  I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.



  1. I think the key is: "Yesterday I thought I was doing so well..."

    I don't know what it is, but the minute I think I'm finally in a strong place--splat. I wish I had the answer. I've seen it over and over again both with me and with many other bloggers.

    They have a "strong" post that says they're relieved at finally doing so well, and before the week is out, they're reporting trouble.

    Of course, I think I'd rather have it that wasy then what I've seen with a few recently who have months and months of "this is so cool, I'm glad I've finally gotten it down, you guys need to just do it, posts--and, then, they have months and months of struggle.

    Yes, I'd definitely have it bits at a time. But what IS up with that?!


    P.S. The good news with your situation is that without the passwords you are unable to do the project. Not your fault. And your bosses turn around--also not your fault. If his odd decision puts you behind on other things--well, he has to take responsibility for that.

    Hopefully, he's a bright guy whe can see what he has done as far as jamming up progress.

  2. Dizzy,
    Hang in there and just do the best you can. That is all we can really ask of ourselves. No need to beat ourselves up. The world does that enough. Hugs.

  3. Oh yah you can do this. You can do this blindfolded - because you have more inner strength than anyone I know. Back away from the ledge. It won't get you anywhere looking down anyway. Head up. Move forward. Make a list and start marking off items. You got this. I have no doubts.

  4. just dig in and do it, Dizzy! you CAN. that's all that matters. you are capable, willing, smart. you've got everything you need.

    any progress can be undone, but only when it's able. keep under your body, and bring it into subjection! (1 Corinthians 9:27).

    off i go to take my own advice, and yours, which i thank you for, by the way. i don't even want to take you or any others here for granted!

    love you dearly!

  5. I am late commenting, are you okay now?

    Work advice all I can say is break it down into a month a day & delegate amongst the team. You'll be fine!

    Have a great weekend Diz. Mwuah!