Friday, October 21, 2011

Eating doesn't help.

So regardless of if I burn calories or not, I seem to be more concerned about consuming them.  Today I had lunch with a doctor.  We ended up at "The Counter" which is a burger joint where you create your own burger.  Let's just look at the damage- shall we?  After all is said and done- I've consumed about 2300 calories today.  AWESOME.

So I tried to go to yoga first and then figured I would go on a long run to help with the horrific surplus of calories.  When I got to the yoga studio, I had no time to spare (of course, thank you traffic).  The lot attendant and I got into an argument because he said that everyone can park there except anyone going to yoga, but if I wanted to risk getting my car towed, I was allowed.  Of course, I don't want to get my car towed, and since a lot of people have chips on their shoulders here, I did not trust that he wouldn't call on my car specifically to prove his point.  The whole thing was ridiculous and of course, I missed my class.  So then I decided to go to the gym since it was after dark and I am not familiar enough with the area to feel safe running alone after dark.  So my gym that I pay for every month (that I thought I was a member of), explained to me tonight in front of hoards of people that were entering the gym as well, that apparently now they have these "ultra" gyms that I have to pay more to be apart of.  If I want to go to a regular gym that's not ultra, I have to go somewhere else.  He then told me where one of the ghetto gyms that I belong to was located.  Now, I hardly ever go to the gym anymore.  I spend the majority of my time running and doing yoga.  But I was determined so I drove over to where he told me to go.  I drove around for another hour, checking all of the surrounding streets and trying to find my gym.  Apparently- even though the name of my gym is 24 hour fitness- it is not a 24 hour gym.  This one closes at 5 on the weekends.  I don't even get out of work until after 5, thanks gym, for being accommodating.  I'm glad I pay for a 24 gym that isn't 24 hours.  I'm glad they now have super gyms and the money I pay goes towards the ghetto only ones.  I will NOT be upgrading.

So what did I do?  Come home and make nacho's.  Screw it. I basically threw the whole week because I've been consuming too many calories every day and now I blasted myself out of the water.  AWESOME D, Awesome.

Hope everyone else is less sabotaging than I am.

I have a dinner on Tuesday.  A lobster dinner with my boss and a doctor and a caseworker.  I don't know how I'm going to do this.




  1. OMG! How frustrating! I think the universe was maybe saying-Dizzy, today you need some nachos.

    Seriously though-just let the eating go, as just a craptastic experience.

    I was wishing today that I could make my mind view food as a fuel source only-no emotions attached. Wouldn't that be amazaballs?? Love you girl! You can do this!

  2. AAAARRRRGGGHHH! on your behalf! :O

    No, food doesn't help, but man! That was a perfect storm, fierce girl. You've come out the other side, march on. And enjoy the lobster.


  3. Jesus - how freaking frustrating is this! I want to punch all of them. Good God. UGH!

    Food doesn't help but seriously - I may have done the exact same thing.

    PS - I miss you too but you are always in my thoughts.

  4. Breathe Dizz! Its going to be okay. and I hate gym memberships that have all the upgrades and crap. BLah. I lost your email and if I ever go mia on the blogoshpere I want to keep in contact. Please email me at xoxoxo miss you girly!

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