Saturday, October 1, 2011

new Life

So many things have happened since my last post.  I mean- SO MANY THINGS.

I'm not saying this to brag.  I'm trying to tell you why I've been MIA.  My life has been crazy.  I got the job. :)  As I was hanging up the phone with my new boss, my roommate informed me that she wanted to move out of our apartment.  Congratulations that you got the new job- let's move out.  So our 30 days got turned in.  Then the roommate decided that 30 days was too long and asked the landlord if we found new girls to move in...could we still get our full deposit back.  She said we could.  So the hunt was on.  I was literally coming to Los Angeles every day to try to find a new place to live (we had less than 2 weeks to move out), and she was securing the deal with new girls.  Two days before our time was up- I found a place.  Then I had to find people to help me move.  Then I had to move.  Then I had to work for 4 more days in a city over an hour away.  Monday I start my new job.  It's all happening so fast I can barely keep up.


But I'm happy.  I found my own apartment.  It's too expensive- but I love it.  I am working a second job so I can afford it.  I have had about 4 friends stop by in 3 days to check it out- and we have to sit on the floor because I dont' have a couch- and I go to bed smiling every night.  I don't have a roommate anymore.  I have a new job.  I have new goals...a new life.  I've had tender mercy after tender mercy after tender mercy and I am so happy and grateful for the blessings in my life.  I feel loved.  I feel blessed.  I am hopeful that I can make my life what I want it to be.

I have been thinking about my life a lot in the last few days as I've been moving and unpacking and changing.  There are some things I've realized...and I have realized that I am in control of my life and my destiny.  Yes, it's hard.  To get what you want.  But it's worth it- and it's worth trying for.  And I will.

I might be the happiest I've been in months...possibly even years.  Everything is perfect right now.  I hope I'm not over cheesy right now- but I can't help it.  I'm finally getting the things I want...

I'm not trying to be vague but I am running out the door- it's Saturday night and I've got a life to live. ;)




  1. "...and I go to bed smiling every night." :D Sweet words to hear.

    I've been praying for you. God is good.


  2. Hooray!!! Congrats on the job, the apartment, and everything :D I was thinking about you and wondering how you were -- so glad to hear everything is looking so amazing!

  3. Sounds great! Its always nice to have your own space and congrats on the new job. God is good, bless you and I hope you have even more.

  4. I'm so glad things are going well now, Dizzy. I'm very happy for you. Hang in there and enjoy yourself.

  5. Congratulations! Sounds like you've had some wonderful changes going on ~