Monday, October 3, 2011

New Job: Day 1.

I am in love with my new life so far.

Today was my first day of work.  I think I'm going to really enjoy working at this new job.  I am working in a healthcare facility; it's a skilled nursing facility for short term and long term rehab for older patients that have just gone through some type of orthopedic surgery (usually).  Basically my job is to meet with doctors and case workers to persuade them to send their patients to our facility.  I met the majority of our current patients today and there are so many wonderful and exciting personalities that are staying in the facility and I can't wait to get to know them better.  I also can't wait to meet the new people that will be coming into the facility in the next couple months.  I am so excited and hopeful that I can really make things happen and do a great job!  My next step is to learn medical terminology though. :)  All the people I work with are medical professionals and they know their stuff and what they're talking about.  It's so different from working with sales guys that will just say whatever and make up whatever they need to in order to make a sale.  I actually felt intimidated a few different times today listening to people in the office talk to one another and to patient's families.  My team REALLY knows their stuff.  I love love love it; and I need to learn these things too so I don't have to keep faking it (I'm not faking it now but I don't want to have to ever fake it).

I went to yoga after work too.  I cussed my way through yoga is more like it.  I haven't been to yoga in over 3 weeks.  During the session, the instructor kept talking about 'breathing it out' and 'letting it go'...and I tried my best to let the stress of the last few weeks go.  I really really want to move on and not hold any anger or frustration in my heart from the past.  I know there are some of you that will say it's healthy to feel those things- and I agree.  But it's not healthy to harbor those feelings either.  I have felt them- now it's time to move forward and let them go.  Those feelings have also affected me physically.  Why is it that when I get stressed,  I tend to NOT work out instead of work out extra hard?  Working out is so good for you and helps your body to relieve why do I stop when I need it most?  Needless to say- I have some pain and soreness to get rid of. :)

Afterwards I went grocery shopping and came home and made pancakes in my little apartment.  Now I'm watching a TV show I pre-recorded (because I want to).  Have I mentioned that I love my little life in LA?




  1. Did I miss a post? I thought you were trying to get a job with a cosmetic surgeon. ? I must have missed a post.

    Anyway. Where you're working now. :D I actually know some things about that that you may actually want to hear!

    The last 7 years before my vision failed and I had to leave work, I worked in a hospital's skilled unit (3 years) and then their orthopedic surgical unit (4 eyars). :D So I know both ends of that deal. I know SNF regs and I know joint replacement and fracture d/c needs.

    During that last four years, it was my job to get the joint replacement or fractured hip patients into SNfs. :D When SNF reps came to our hospital to market us for referrals--I was the one they talked to, because I had the patients they wanted. :D

    How cool is that?

    While you'll want to schmooze the ortho surgeons, in most hospitals, it will be the discharge planners that you want to like you. In this state, they are usually, tho not always, the social workers. They are the ones the MD looks at and says, "pt will be d/c tomorrow, get them somewhere." MDs are good like that.

    Email me if you want. I can tell you what will make a social worker want to guide her patients toward your SNF--and what will make her warn them, and other social workers, against you.

    It's not about the cookies you take with you when you market, let me tell you. Although, that's good,too. :D Fruit is better. chuckle.


  2. Interesting job... I actually do the other side, LTC Claims. Well I'm glad you enjoy your new job. And I agree, if you have felt those feelings and are ready to move on.... LET IT GO! Thats how it should work, doesn't mean you will forget but its time to move past it. Holding on to negative only hurts you in the end.

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say, I miss you. You weren't blogging for a while, then you started back up, and I haven't been reading. I promise to get caught up. In the mean time, I'm glad your finding sunshine in your life again!

  4. I'm so glad it's going well, and it's great so hear you so excited and happy! And in your OWN apartment.

    I love my husband and children, but there's something just lovely about having everything exactly where *you* want it, and knowing that you're the only one you need to answer to in your own home :)

  5. You never stop learning, Diz. That's a scary thought, but you seem to embrace it with optimism and ambition. I admire that and you for it! Keep up, and keep us updated! xoxo

  6. OMG I missed so much!!!! I have to back track. COngradulations on ur new job! I am soooo happy for you!!!