Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do I cut more calories? Help!

So I've been using the Livestrong calorie counter app for iPhones, and I need advice.  The app adds back in the calories you burn for work for example, if my calorie limit for the day is 1000, and I burn 285 calories jogging, the app says that I need to eat 1285 calories to reach my limit.

Well, the last few days, I have burned around 600 calories working out.  When I'm trying to lose weight my caloric intake is usually around 1200-1250 (when working out, when not- it's more like 1000).  For the last two days, I've eaten around 1450 calories because the app keeps adding back in my calories I burned during workouts.  Should I cut back to 1200-1250 or should I follow the app and stay eating around 1450?  I don't feel like I"m really losing anything...however, it's also a little too early to tell.  I just don't want to waste 2 weeks and then get frustrated and give up.  Meanwhile the bestie is burning like no one's business, after one week I can already tell she's losing!  Even 5 pounds a month would make me completely happy, but I definitely want to lose the 5 every month.  If I get to the end of the month and it hasn't come off, I'll be upset.  My goal is to just be down for the holidays, especially when I go home in December. :)





  1. I dunno. Please take the following comment under the category of, "Consider the source" since I'm doing badly at the weight loss thing.

    But. I, of course, have an opinion. :}

    I've never really understood the whole idea of adding in the cals you burn to the food you eat--unless you're trying to maintain your weight.

    I mean, if you want to lose, aren't you exercising to burn extra calories? If you eat what you burned, doesn't that undo what the working out was supposed to accomplish as far as weight loss goes? It's great for your general health and fitness level, of course, but that is not your only goal...right?

    That being said, I'm thinking that 1400 calories plus exercise is a good number for you. 1200 w/out exercise. But you know your body best.

    If I recall correctly, your last weigh-in was 138. Just how low are you wanting to go, girlfriend?



  2. I don't understand the science behind that process either. I believe that we lose best when we watch the calories and that we don't add calories back in because of exercise. 1200 is a good round number and should get you some loss every month. I wish you the best.

  3. I say pick a number you want to eat & stick to it-don't worry about the add in.

    My fitness pal does this to me too. I love it & hate it. Love because if I want a little treat I have the calories. Hate because I am trying to make a deficit, not find an excuse for treats.