Monday, November 14, 2011

Of course.

My life is flying by...I realized while falling asleep the other night that I've been so busy that I haven't even thought once about my blog- and I do apologize to those 3 or 5 friends that actually still read.  Thank you for your love and support.

Basically long story short- my friend convinced me to join a dating website, I did, and then I was busy going on a date literally every night (literally)...then I met a guy and we've been neck deep in turbo love for almost 3 weeks now.  It has been a whirlwind and so fun and between working two jobs, seeing this guy, and trying to maintain a social life- I just have forgotten about my blog.

Until I got fat again.

For the same reasons I've been neglecting my blog, I've also neglected eating healthily or working out.  It just doesn't seem to be a priority to me lately.  2 days ago (okay it's Monday so last Friday) I tried on a shirt for work...and the stupid thing didn't fit.  Excuse me? I don't remember the last time I had to take something off and find something else because I couldn't even get the stupid thing to button properly.  I mean, I have moments where things get tight and I'm uncomfortable trying to wear it so I don't.  But can't even button it?  Awesome.  I've noticed my face getting fuller but I've also just convinced myself that it's because I'm paranoid because I want to be cute for the new boy.  To make it even better, I have no idea how much I've gained because my scale's battery died and I don't have the $$ to replace them yet (it's those weird, exclusive expensive batteries and I don't even know where to find them).  All I know is I'm getting chubby mc-chub chub and my clothes are shrinking like crazy and now on top of it all- I got a boy trying to touch my muffin top every other second and it makes me hyperventilate.

So tonight I went running, did 300 jump ropes (I couldn't even do 500...where I have always started in the past), and then went to yoga.  My whole body was jiggling/bouncing during my jump was one of the most unpleasant experiences I've had in a few months. Honestly. Yes, I'm probably over killing it.  I'm trying so hard because I need results.  And I'm nervous because of course I'm not mentioning any of this to the boy- but how am I going to avoid all of the calorie bombs that come with dating?  He doesn't know it yet, but I committed to myself that I will NOT blow off another workout this week.  I will work out every day.  Period. Which means he may have to wait to see me; I'm sure it will do us some good.

So yeah, that's the latest.  Workout on.  Eating healthy: on.  Sleeping instead of staying up all night making out: eh....can't commit to that one yet. :)




  1. Take care of yourself, Dizzy. Try to make the best food choices even on those dates. It can be done. It is good to see you blogging again.

  2. Hey Love! I was just wondering about you. Couple fat is the worst!! Seriously-it's how I gained. I say steer your dates towards healthy alternatives and make a plan before you go.

    I have missed you!

  3. I miss you here and think of you all the time. A boy? A boy? YAYYYYYYYYYY!

  4. I was wondering when we'd hear from you next -- yay on the boy, shrinking clothes are the worst, and remember exercise can't totally take the place of responsible eating (because I can totally kill off a decent workout's caloric deficit with ONE stupid muffin *sigh*)

    And again yay on the boy! Hee :)

  5. Yay on possibly find love. And boo! on gaining weight. I've noticed though that we tend to do that when we do the love thing (at least I do). Well glad to hear your getting back on the work out/eating right thing.

  6. yay on romance! glad you are checking in...miss your posts. And yes exersize is key but so is fighting the evil food demons. Lots of love to you!

  7. Thinking about you -- hope all is well!

  8. Hey Missy! I hope you are ok, just checking in.

  9. Hey Diz...
    How did things turn out? With the boy? And with the weight management?
    And, I miss you!

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