Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yoga Challenge

Well, I may or may not be obsessed with trying to do yoga for 30 days now.

Today is supposed to be day one; I figured since it's the first of the month- it will be easy to track the 30 days.  But it's actually day 2 of me going to yoga (in a row, I normally skip days because I'm always sore)...and let me tell you something- I. Am. Sore.  I don't know if I can handle 30 days.  I also ran 3 miles with the roomie tonight.

So I also want to lose a few pounds, which is nothing new.  My weight today (since it's the first and the beginning of a new month) 140.0.  I'm logging it here, and I might put it up on my sidebar too- so that we can see if I can actually lose something this month.  I have an article in Shape magazine that claims if you do this- you can drop 10 pounds in 30 days...but I know me.  And I know 5 pounds will be a big feat, if anything. So 5 pounds is the goal.

I still have not talked to any boys today.  It's really hard- I know everyone thinks Penis man is a douche- but he was distracting me from the massage therapist and now I have no distraction.  And I'm kind of lonely.  My roommates and friends all pat me on the back and say "great job!" for kicking guys to the curb- but then they all leave to go be with their boyfriends and I am all alone.  I know it's the right thing in the long run, but it is really hard to be alone right now. :(

Anyway- so the final thing I'm going to try to do this month is avoid caffeine too.  We'll see how long I make it. :)

xo!  Happy Weekend friends!!!


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  1. As someone who's been with "the wrong guy" before, just a little reminder that it's better to be alone and lonely, than to be sitting with someone else and *still* feel alone.

    You're avoiding caffeine? Good luck with that. It's all that keeps me vertical some days.

    Come join me in the mid 130's! The water's fine here. Of course, I'm swimming toward 130 and as you know the current is NOT cooperating (to continue a metaphor), but I'll make it someday. I might have to get a limb amputated to make it happen, but I'll get there! ;)