Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Funday

So proud of myself today- went for a 5.6 mile run after work even though I did not want to (as usual).  I downloaded a new calorie counting app and I'm obsessed with counting calories and working out now.  It's fun!  I got the Livestrong one- so far it seems to be decent.  My roommate downloaded one that you can scan the bar code in to, and it will automatically upload all of the info, so I kind of wish I had one similar to that- but overall I can't complain.

Still have not talked to any boys.  I went over to my friend C's house tonight and watched a tv show she has on dvd for 4 hours.  I guess I could be out trying to meet new guys- but I'm kind of over the whole thing right now.  In time, I'm sure I'll be back out soon enough. ;P

I hope you all are having a safe and fun weekend!!




  1. Have a great Labor Day, Dizzy. I think you are expecting too much from yourself. Just because your roommates have boyfriends doesn't mean you NEED to be in a relationship right now. Work on discovering what you want and then look in good places to find it. Until then, enjoy being free and single and able to do as you please. There is plenty of time to find the right one and I bet when you stop looking, he will fall right into your lap.

  2. Relaxing Labor Days are where it's at :)

    Talking to boys is overrated. I have two in my house. Men are sometimes bearable... sometimes ;)